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In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.  
~Albert Schweitzer

Talk about bursting into flame! My life seems to be taking off at rocket speed lately. I’m not sure though if I’m riding the rocket or running alongside trying to keep up.

But I am thankful for being so rich in the gift of people! And I keep meeting more amazing humanity every day.

Being away camping, somewhat stripped me down to the basics and helped me recognize at a deeper level what’s important to me. I am struggling after the return to the real world (or is it real?) not to be drawn back into the pressure and politics and todoitness of it all.

One piece of reality is that it has been sweltering hot here lately, or is that sweatering? Poor Latte came in from our walk on Saturday and fell over in this position.

We went to Anoka Riverfest where Latte was an amazingly good girl. Going camping and being exposed to all the people at the campground and on the trails seems to have helped her not be so fearful of strangers, especially children. She let several adults pet her without any fuss whatsoever, a huge step for her!

I found these mugs at Riverfest.

The guy I bought them from said they were holding them just for me. He didn’t know how on the mark he was.

The Riverfest outing came after spending the morning in Stillwater shooting 236 photos. It will take me awhile to sort through those but here’s a sample.

I met up with the Minnesota Photography Club Facebook group. We were quite the sight wandering the streets together. Here’s a link to David Parker’s, photos on Facebook from our outing. He is way excellent and has a website here. My amatuerness is showing…

Despite the heat yesterday, I went bike riding with my friend (stable owner extraordinaire) around the area where Luke is boarded. We were going to ride horses after the bike ride but the horses looked so exhausted that we just groomed them instead. (Not to mention that I was so sweaty I would have probably just slid out of the saddle if I’d tried to ride.)

Last night there was a big storm — crackling booms, jolts of light, sheets of rain, and lion roaring wind. My electricity went out, which put an end to the work I was doing on my computer. Having been a hot, steamy day, it was no fun trying to sleep without even a fan to move the air around.

The electricity was back on when I woke up, but I had to deal with the electrical aftermath and how worn out I was from a not so restful sleep. I still haven’t figured out where the reset is for my bathroom outlets. And I found this in the back yard.

The Brew Babes were trying to help out.
Sort of…

But enough about real life. Let’s head on back to Colorado, who’s snowy mountains I am truly missing right now, as are the Brew Babes.

Latte turned into the tasmanian devil whenever we neared a snowbank. She went so nuts she managed to get away from us twice and played keep away for a bit, scaring me half to death — I could see the headlines: “Terrier lost in Colorado mountains”. But when I calmed down and knelt close to the ground and waited for Latte to come to me, she did come. Good to know…

Java was a bit more sophisticated.
But then she also told me “I’m out of here.”
We were all pretty happy in the snow.
As was this little guy. Anyone know what kind of bird this is?
Here’s a better view.

By the last day of our hiking adventure, we were worn out and had Java help us out by carrying some water bottles.

When we had to walk on a log to cross a stream, I took Java’s pack off as I wasn’t sure if she’d panic on the log and didn’t want anything messing with her balance. I walked in front of Java so I wasn’t looking at her and giving her the wrong worried signals. Java crossed just fine, as did Latte. My partner in crime (PIC) brought up the rear carrying our gear.

Here’s something else I’m missing from Colorado — the mega muffins from the nearby coop. A big yum!

There will of course be more photos and stories in subsequent posts.

p.s. I was recently quoted about my first attempt at mountain biking in the online article “Learn the Sport of Your Dreams” by Melanie Haiken. Melanie has a blog called “Health Conscious Travel”, which I enjoy reading. I was thrilled that information about our local event was included in her article.

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  1. I love that quote at the beginning of your post. You are someone that has rekindled that inner flame for me. I remember so clearly one of those first outings with Sue at the truffle place in Anoka, of feeling such a wonderful energy at the table with the three of us ~ and such a calm inner peace of sharing true womanhood at its finest. I am so happy that your vacation gave you some of that centering and stripping away of all the ‘junk’ from everyday annoyances. It all looks wonderful:-) Kathleen

  2. LOVE the mugs! Not only the words, but the owls too.

    The bird looks like a Clark’s Nutcracker.

    Sounds like it was a great vacation on many levels. In Colorado, it’s hard to go wrong. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it great Maery! You’re right, we are a bit similar post wise this time…of course mine is minus dogs and mountains…sigh…and an awesome nutcracker.
    We just have to figure a way to do this more often.

  4. I bet Java loves the wind storms, then she gets big sticks to play with!
    Looks like an awesome vacation! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  5. You’re sounding like you’re figuring stuff out. Not being told and following instructions– “Happiness– this way”, but reaping the benefits of the long, and difficult, but worthwhile process of having gone through some stuff, but staying open. I’m very happy for you. 🙂

  6. What beautiful scenery! I bet the dogs did love all of that snow! So glad that your inner spirit is being rekindled! I need to do the same.

  7. Wow – what fantastic shots! Colorado looks amazing – so gorgeous. And I adore that barn from the Riverfest series of shots. Just lovely!

  8. That snow is finally melting. Our major creeks have been flowing at 5 times their normal rate, and I’m hearing rumors that some of the truly alpine trails are opening up. This is very very late for the melt. I felt bad for you that the highest trails weren’t open yet. I hope that you come back sometime when they are accessible!

    Did you see the osprey nesting across from your campground above the pond? The babies are looking really big. I love watching them.

  9. Kathleen – I had started out by writing a really mushy thank you to all those people (you included) who have been that reflaming encounter. I feel such overflowing gratitude sometimes. I’m glad if I’ve been able to do the same for others.

    Dawn – I’ve never heard of a Clark’s Nutcracker so that would explain why I didn’t recognize it. The owls are what attracted me to the mugs in the first place as I’ve got a thing for owls since I moved to my new house with the Great Horned owls around here. I look at them as a good omen.

    Lynn – Yes we do!

    Paint Girl – It’s kind of hilarious. I pick up the sticks and put them into the firepit and the dogs remove them before I can get a fire going.

    Sue – Happiness and good times stand out so much more vividly when you’ve experienced the dark times.

    Jill – I sure do hope you feel that flame again soon.

    Lady Fi – Colorado was gorgeous. It was nice to get a change of scenery.

    KB – Actually, I loved our timing. It was nice that some areas were closed off to cars so people didn’t bother with the trails and we were able to walk them in relative peace. And I loved all the rushing water. I just wished I known how to cut down all the glare as many of my water photos are too washed out. And I wished I known about the osprey. We didn’t see them. I hope you have some photos to share.

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