Still Icy

I paced around the house in a daze yesterday. I decided I needed to get outside and do something to hopefully unfreeze my brain. So I took Java and myself for a walk.

Considering that it’s been in the 40s all week and we’ve had a ton of rain, I thought the walking paths would be clear of snow and ice. NOT!

If I’d known it was going to be all ice, I would have worn my Stabilicers.

Java hadn’t been for a walk by the Rum River for quite awhile and seemed to be fascinated by everything. She gawked a lot.

Besides having things to look at, there were also many bird calls to listen to. We heard and saw a couple hawks calling to each other, sometimes soaring overhead and sometimes resting on tree branches. We also heard a very loud owl but couldn’t see him. And I heard a strange sound above me. I looked up and saw five swans flying over. They are so much more graceful looking than geese and ducks.

The walking was touch and go. When you are walking on ice and very uneven ground, you don’t walk like you normally do. You tend to tense up your whole body and joints twist in nasty ways trying to hold ground. I was starting to hurt pretty early in the walk so I thought I’d head for the horse trails. I was hoping they’d either be melted completely or have snow cover instead of ice.

Doesn’t this look better?

How about this?

This is actually a little better.

I did discover that my winter hiking shoes are pretty darn waterproof. Thank goodness I didn’t wear my tennis shoes like I was originally planning.

After our walk, Java and I picked up some dog food from Chuck and Don’s. Java didn’t even notice the cages of rescued cats by the entrance. She did notice all the bins full of dog treats though.

The walk helped but it was still a day of too much of too much so I crashed into bed pretty early.

But today is sunny! Yes, that’s right the rumors are correct, there is a bright light up in the sky that pops out every once and awhile. So I’m heading out for another walking, thinking, appreciation session.

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  1. I just love going for walks with the dogs, it is so relaxing and refreshing. Something I don’t get enough of.
    Looks like it is warming up a tad there for you. We’ve been pretty lucky this winter, it has been unseasonably warm.

  2. Sunny? Lucky you, I have not seen the sun in a must live in the real Minnesota! WE have lots of mud..our woodsy trails are tretcherous too..only the sunny ones are worth travelling:)

  3. Good for you getting out for a walk with Java. I don’t do that often enough and now I know why. We’ve had such horrible ice snow and mud this year and I feared I would fall and hurt myself. And that prediction has come true finally.
    I really should invest in a pair of the stablicers for myself. I wonder where I can get some…or maybe I should order online.

    I know my Dobbie would love to go for a walk but we’d have to give her a bath right afterwards. With her long low body she’d be covered in mud.


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