Haunted Hay

Okay. You explain this photo. I think the hay I bought is haunted.

haunted hay

It could be the whole eery moon thing.
H helped me load and unload 80 more bales so I now have 100. Sigh of relief. My arms, they are aching today, and I ended up with a weird bruise circling my wrist. I must have gotten hung up or squeezed between something. Funny how when you are busy doing something physical you can end up with the hugest bruises and not have a clue how you got them. I know the knob on the top of my head is from standing up on the hay in the back of the pickup truck and having my head collide with one of the beams. Ouch!


Temps are now dipping into the single digits but staying above zero. Java likes the resulting poopsicles. She grabbed one out of the paddock and proceeded to gnaw on it. It’s a doggie dreamsicle!

dog with manure

I had to convince Java that branches are much better.

dog with stick

The Christmas tree is up. Java has only chewed up two felt decorations so far.

Christmas tree

And a few other decorations are out. The manger scene belonged to my adoptive parents.

Christmas decorations

Next weekend I’m hoping to get together with my cousin and make Christmas cookies. Cousin A wants to make krumkake but doesn’t have an iron. Any of my local people have one I could borrow or know where to get one cheap?

I dug out some of my adoptive Mom’s recipe notebooks. I found a sugar cookie recipe. Mom always either titled the recipe with the name of the person who gave it to her or put the name next to the recipe title. It’s fun looking through these old notebooks and seeing all the familiar names of neighbors, relatives, and friends.

cookie recipe

I also want to use this recipe for chocolate wafer cookies, only I usually top the cookie with a chocolate kiss rather than a mint wafer.

cookie recipe

As I was paging through the notebooks (there are several), I saw “Mock Chow Mein I Made for Judds Shower”, “Aunt Minnie’s Cupcakes”, and “Crunchy Ras’n Rhubarb Cake” with a comment of Delicious! written next to it. Next time I need to bring something h’ordervish, I’ll have to bring my personal favorite “Helen’s Wings in Wine” which is made with white wine, soy sauce and sugar and baked for 3 hours at 250 degrees. The recipe calls for 70 wing pieces. It’s kind of a mess to make and to eat but it is way good!

Only 19 days until Christmas!

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  1. It must be a big relief to have all that hay stacked and in the barn. Phew. I’m glad that you got some help with it.

    I love the photo of the moon, and the one of Java with the stick. She’s a gorgeous dog! My dogs would be the same way about poopsicles – yuck!

    This is off topic, but I hope that you don’t forget about your book. The parts that you shared with us were so lyrically written that I really hope that you find the time to finish it. Your writing is a joy to read.

    And, thanks so much for your encouraging comments on my blog. My spirits have been lifted so much.

  2. Maery Rose…Your hay looks beautiful. What a find. Great moon shot….as for the haunted picture, how cold was it when you took it? Maybe it’s your breath. Good to see that you are starting to acknowledge Christmas and are getting ready for some baking. You sure are packing a lot in to your days. By the way, how is the kennel working out for Java?

  3. That is a lot of hay to stack and we do it quite often, actually I think it is almost time for us to make another big hay run! Glad you got it all done!
    Dogs and their poopsicles! I don’t see how that can be tasty, but it is probably better frozen, then un-frozen!
    I love sugar cookies, that is so cool that you have old family recipes!

  4. Glad to see your hay stack! Even though it looks haunted..it is probably your breath or from the camera a being from warm to cold.
    Your tree looks great!! I love old recipe books, my Grandma did the same thing..always named the receipes after the person she got it from:)

  5. Hi Maery,

    I just got your comment saying that you’d sent an email. Thanks so much! But, unfortunately, I didn’t get it. Would you mind trying again: kynabear5@gmail.com

    It actually sounds like his surgery might be quite similar to the one that I’m considering so I’m very interested to read what you sent!

    Thanks, thanks! You have no idea how much your support means to me.

  6. OK. Some of you with your logical explanations that it’s just my breath in the cold that ended up in the photo are putting a damper on my ghost story. But I like Nuzzling’s idea that it’s my angels.

    Wing recipe calls for 24 wings and says 70 pieces on a cookie sheet is about the biggest batch you should go for.

    1. Coat wings with flour and brown them.
    2. Then place on cookie sheet with sides to hold liquid.
    3. Mix 1/2 c sugar, 1 c white wine (recommends Gallo Rhine, which I bet is a sweet white) and 6 oz. soy sauce – warm the mixture (don’t boil, just warm).
    4. Pour liquid over wings and bake in pan for 3 hours at 250 degrees. Turn about 3 times during baking.

  7. Thanks for the recipe. Yum! FYI, have you seen the blog called Found Recipe Box? A woman found an old recipe box in an antique store, full of handwritten recipe cards. She’s trying them out, one by one. Really fun.

  8. Amy – that sounds really cool!. I’ll have to check it out. So many of the old recipes are hot dishes, using creamed soups and noodles and such. Not what we consider healthy fair anymore but it was what was affordable and probably regaining popularity in these times.

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