We had our first snow storm of the season on Saturday. Java appeared to be oblivious, shoving her nose into the snow and trying to find familiar smells.

She managed to find her bone and settled down for a chew break.

I went to meet up with the Midwest Skijoring group but once again, I was busy and distracted when I read the e-mail about the meet up. I assumed I already knew much of the content, like where we were meeting, and I didn’t have time to get into details. Well, they did not meet at the usual place, as I assumed they would.

Ah well, it turned out no one but the leaders showed up to the correct spot so I didn’t miss out on much. With the help of a friend, Java and I worked on line out and “hiking.”

On foot, the being pulled is not as much fun as when you are on skis. I had to run. I am not a runner.

Anyway, Java was a very enthusiastic puller and my fears that working on heeling so much would deter Java from pulling were totally unfounded.

The snowfall motivated me to get moving on finding a snow blower. I know this looks like a baby snow blower but I was ensured that it would “do the job, no problem”.  Let us hope so.

The snow was pretty, but highs above freezing should make it quickly disappear.

After the snow adventures of Saturday, on Sunday I went out to ride Luke. I wish I would have taken photos of Luke in his new, red, waterproof sheet. He looked hot. But the sheet will probably be covered with mud next time I get out to see him.

I need to get out to the stable and ride at least one more time this week as I am riding in a clinic next Saturday. A friend says she will video tape my lesson, so I may have future footage to share, if I don’t completely suck.

I’ve never taken a lesson on Luke with this instructor. The last time I took from her, I was riding a Trakehner, am impressive warmblood who knew dressage — quite the difference from my Tennessee Walker and Quarter Horse mix. Way different goals and issues.

It should be interesting, maybe as interesting as when I had the dejavu experience of having heavy, wet snow slide off the indoor arena roof during today’s ride.

Yee! Haw!

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  1. I heard about the weather in your state on the news…hope it is not moving this way. At least you made the most of it.

    Participating in clinics was very motivating to me… Have a great time.

  2. Looks like Java is havein’ a blast in the snow and I’m so glad ya still got to spend some of your weekend in the great outdoors! The tree pic looks like it’s right off a Christmas card girl!

    God bless ya and have a terrific week sweetie!!!

  3. Lori – Clinics help me get unstuck or out of a training rut. It was good to have an indoor to ride in this weekend.

    Sue – I don’t understand people who live in MN that don’t have a winter sport. I get so tired of the kill joys bitching about the snow and applauding when we have a winter of bare brownness. Life is much happier if you enjoy ALL the seasons, even those months of muggy 90s, my all time favorite…

    Nezzy – It cracks me up the way Java just plops in the snow and lays there like it’s in the 80s. With her coat, this is probably her favorite time of year.

  4. Man, you really do need to rest up after your weekends! Impressive! I had a pajama day yesterday, so you make me feel a bit sloth-like. I agree about Winter ~ you just have to make the most of it or move 🙂 Kathleen

  5. The snow missed us this time! I am sure it is just waiting to hit!

    I am one of the kill joys of winter! LOL! I love all the other seasons, but I have never adapted well to the cold & I’ve lived here for what, 49 years? 🙂 The cold takes all the fun out of it for me. Tried skiing, tried ice skating … just too cold.

    If there isn’t any wind and the day is sunny, I will ride in winter. I love the scenery and winter pictures.

    But most often I try to find projects inside to keep me busy (AKA from going crazy)because I really am an outdoor type of gal! 🙂

  6. I am one of those killjoys too..I have lived in Minnesota a long long time and have yet to find much about forty below zero and blowing snow fun. I know I have a bad attitude about winter. I do like to take wintery photos, isn’t that something positive?!
    Java looks like she is having a blast!!
    I would keep that receipt for that snowblower..and see how it does..unless you just use it for clearing sidewalks and have someone plow your new driveway.
    Your photos are lovely..and you got way more snow than us! 🙂

  7. Sorry, I came off a bit strong on the people who don’t like winter comment. I’m not crazy about bitter cold either, but I can handle it better if there is snow than when we don’t have snow. I get frustrated with all the people who are hoping for a snowless winter when snow is the only thing that keeps me sane through the cold, dark months.

    And I have learned what type of clothing works for me during the worst temps and winds. I wear tons of layers and buy good boots and gloves and cover my face too.

    Having a dog that loves snow helps too. She makes me laugh so hard with her snow antics that it makes me sweat. =D

  8. I’m one of those weirdos that likes having all 4 seasons…..snow included. But thankfully I live in area that gets snow, but it usually melts away within a day or two.
    But I also love the fact that even when there is no snow in my backyard, I can drive just 15-20 minutes west and another 1,000-2,000ft higher and play in all the snow I want. 🙂

    We got our first snowfall last night, but it was just a flurry and was all gone an hour after the sun came up this morning. It’s weird, though, because we usually get our first snow in early October and have had several snows by now. I’m worried we won’t have our traditional white Christmas this year. That would be so sad!

    Your backyard covered in snow is gorgeous!


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