What I Love About Minnesota Winters

dog in snow

As I begin this post about what I love about Minnesota winters, it’s 5 degrees fahrenheit outside, with a real feel of -13, thanks to wind gusts of up to 32 mph.

Hmmm… what was I saying about Minnesota winters?

Oh yeah, how much I love them!

I do love Minnesota winter fashion, with all its layers. I especially love tights with funky patterns and that fuzzily warm feeling. Winter clothes are cozy and comforting and forgiving.

winter wear

Plus snow. I love lots and lots of snow! To keep from going insane during a Minnesota winter, it helps to have an attitude of making the best of it, which for me has meant learning how to cross county ski. I even tried skijoring but Java didn’t quite grasp the concept of staying in front of me.

skijoring badly

Horses are fun to ride after a fresh dump of the white stuff. It’s like moving in slow motion while bouncing on a trampoline.


This year, I was hoping to add fat biking through the snow to the mix.


Instead, I’m trying to figure out how to afford studded tires because what we have this year is ice. When it’s your first winter of bike riding, that makes for a steeper learning curve than what I was prepared for.


So it’s been a bit of hit and miss on my outdoor adventures. I’ve gotten out a few times, but not as much as I had hoped for. I’m looking at this as a learning experience and hope to be better prepared next winter for icy conditions. But then, next year, there will probably be a ton of snow.

So maybe that’s what I really love about our winters, is what a sense of humor the Minnesota Snow Queen has.


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  1. I feel pretty sure that I wouldn’t survive one of your winters!!!! Ah, ice. Studded tires do help a lot but they cost a lot too. My current fat bike tires are “studdable” – they have holes in the lugs where I’ll insert studs when ice becomes the biggest problem, in the spring.

    I always thought that horseback riding in such cold would be really hard since you’re not exerting yourself enough to work up heat. But, I’ve never ridden a horse so what do I know?

    1. I had to laugh at your comment since I would never make it through your winds and heavier snows. I almost got the tires that allow you to install studs and now wish I had. Although, I started to look for studs and couldn’t believe how much just the bare studs cost! As for horseback riding in the cold, the photo was from a balmier day. I don’t like to ride when it’s so cold because I worry about the horse’s lungs, especially since Luke has lung issues anyway. We are in such a cold spell right now it’s difficult to motivate myself to do anything outdoors.

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