Fairy Dust

It was a frosty fairy tale morning. So pretty.

Good thing that something is pretty out there because my gas bill sure wasn’t. Doubled!!! I think I had a gas leak on the gas line going to the outdoor grill that probably took me awhile to detect and then another while to find the valve to shut it off inside the house so I’m hoping that, and the extremely cold temperatures, were an anomaly and the next gas bill will be better. But just in case, I’ve turned the heat down even lower. More layers…

I’ve also been trying to find health insurance for my son. After he finished college, he dropped off our health insurance and doesn’t get coverage where he works. He says he doesn’t need anything, that he’ll just go to the free clinics, but he is a person who TRULY needs dental insurance. And with the area he lives in and the hazards of riding a bike on busy city streets, I think medical would be a good idea. Once a mother, always a mother.

So let me see, a cut in income, a rise in utilities, health insurance for my son and soon I’ll be losing my health insurance too and will have to switch to covering myself, and I’m also looking for auto insurance. And I’ve been looking at houses for sale to see what’s out there in a price range based on what I can afford with my job, without a job, and with a job making half as much as I do now. None of it is pretty.

My week is spent worrying and battling stress-related muscle spasms that make me look like I’m having seizures and that completely exhaust me by the end of the day, not to mention just how embarrassing and painful that whole thing is.

On weekdays, I am counting the hours until it’s the weekend so I can go walking or skiing, since those are the things that bring me enjoyment and peace and give me a welcome break from my muscle twitching.

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  1. SO sorry you are going through all these issues. You are not alone. There is a lot of people struggling right now. Things will get better. Keeping you in my thoughts. HUGS

  2. I just wish things would get better for you!! I don’t know why it has to happen this way, when one thing goes wrong, it all goes wrong!
    Finding affordable medical insurance is so hard. After I lost my job, I called around, and there was no way that I could afford private medical insurance. I was either going to have to go uninsured or my OH was going to have to buck up and marry me. But his insurance covers domestic partners, so after months of the proper paperwork, I finally am insured on his plan!
    Good luck and I hope it all works out for you!!

  3. Good Morning Maery Rose. When so much is up in the air, it can’t help but create the stress that you are feeling. Have you had anyone interested in buying the house? This health insurance issue in our country is no joke…maybe by the time you need it, it will be available. Are you saying that you are going to be out of a job?

    Hopefully you fixed some of the reason for your gas bill. That’s a great photo of Java. Stay well…

  4. Dusty – Yes, jobs are sure not what they used to be.

    Paint Girl – I can get insurance for myself through work but for my son it’s really confusing. Seems like you pay a lot of money but the coverage doesn’t kick in until you’ve paid about $5000 out of pocket. Guess it really is for catastrophes.

    Lori – No one has looked at the house since before Christmas, but the horses and I can live a lot cheaper where I’m at than in even the smallest of houses or apartments. I have a project-based job that ends when the project ends. From the planned schedule of the project, I think my job is safe for 2010 but I’m looking at the future, and I think this will be my last year so I don’t want to buy something I can’t afford with whatever my unemployment income is and I think it’s usually about half of your current income, but I’m not sure.

  5. Too bad you can’t work in ski/walking session everyday since it seem to help and give you joy! I will be praying that everything falls into place for you but also that you are granted peace during the process. I love that Java pup, what a dog!!!

    Have a great day, sending you hugs!!!

  6. Maery,

    I’ll be thinking of you. So much stress. This health insurance crisis in our country is no joke. If I weren’t part of a big group, I’d be uninsurable, at any price.

    I’m glad that you have insurance for the moment. In one of the plans bandied about Washington, offspring would be allowed to go back onto their parent’s plans when they graduated college. I guess that went down the drain with most of the other helpful parts of the health care plan.

    In any case, it does sound like Java and your horses bring you great happiness so try to make a little time with them each day!

  7. Health Insurance is such a big issue..I know many people who are without coverage. Maybe all the promised “Changes” will kick in soon. Beautiful photo of Java ..she looks like she is ready to go! The days are getting longer bit by bit..maybe in another month you can enjoy some daylight after work:)

  8. oh maery rose, i’m so sorry to hear all of this! i can’t understand the way this country is going—so many people with iffy jobs, or no jobs, and iffy insurance, or no insurance, and people in washington who appear to be fighting tooth and nail to make sure we don’t *get* insurance. i am so sorry.

    but you have a lovely dog, and lovelly horses, and a wonderful son… all we can do is count our blessings and hope for the best.

  9. Nezzy – Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes.

    KB – The days are starting to get longer so hopefully there will be more time soon for outdoor activity.

    Roxanne -Thanks for the tips.

    Far Side – I should have given Lynn credit for the Java photo in this post. Looking forward to more light, bit by bit.

    Laurie – You’re right – I do have some blessings and the rest will be whatever it ends up being.

  10. Physicians Mutual out of Omaha offers an individual dental insurance. There are some waiting periods, but if he doesn’t need anything right away, might be something to check into. I work for a group dental carrier & we refer people to PM when looking for individual products as we do not carry them.

    They may also have some sort of individual medical plan. I think they are licensed in most states.


  11. I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have insurance, and such great insurance, too! I do need to find car insurance, and the quotes I’ve gotten are outrageous.
    Hang in there Maery, things will look up and work out. Your snow and frosty are lovely, a few beautiful walks in that with your pups will surely help calm your mind. Enjoy the coming weekend!

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