Maery, You Are So Funny!

Ya know, lately, I have a lot of people laugh at something I’ve said and after they’re done laughing they’ll say, “Maery, you are so funny!” It’s a little disconcerting when my comment was actually made in all seriousness.

But the latest person to say “you’re so funny” to me was the woman cutting my hair when we decided to keep it a little longer and I said, “Yeah, that sounds good. My ears will stay warmer.”

She thought this was hysterical. I guess when she suggested a change in style she was thinking it will be “cute”, “fashionable”. She even mussed my hair and gave me that “I just got out of bed look” that she told me was so in right now. 

But isn’t that it in a nutshell, I’m so darn practical. Does being practical equal not being any fun? I don’t think so. I think I am a complete blast!

I mean, look at this. Java and I are all rigged up for skijoring only I’m on foot; no skis for our warmup. Java is completely relaxed and waiting for the “Hike!” command.

She kind of has a tendency to start out by jumping into the air and sometimes doing a full twist in the process.

Followed by nose to the ground sniffing.

We have a great deal of work to do on-foot before she is any good pulling me on skis. I did hook her up and skied for awhile but the skis seemed to throw her off. She kept wanting to look behind her and then would get tangled in the line.

At one point, she saw one of her toys a few yards away and took off full bore, throwing me onto my butt. She did run back and lick my face apologetically. I was laughing too hard to be upset. Thank goodness for soft snow!

The funny thing about the cross country skis is that the technique is completely different than downhill but everything feels so familiar. I don’t think I have the kick-glide motion down but it still feels like it was just yesterday, and not 25 years ago that I went skiing. The muscle memory is so there, which makes it totally fun! I feel like a teenager again! Okay, an achy teenager, but totally hip and energized none-the-less.

I skied down a hill and remembered how to snowplow. I climbed back up the hill. I even skated on the skis although I hit a patch of dirt and fell again. More Java licking, even though she was not the cause and wasn’t even hooked up to me anymore. 

After skiing, Java challenged Luke to a soccer match. Murphy is completely ignoring the situation. He’s not much into sports.

Java even let Luke have the ball. Luke just looked confused.

They had a discussion. Check out Luke’s lips. I swear he was talking while Java attentively listened.

Then Java grabbed the ball and took off, tired of waiting for some action. 

I’ve been having so much fun getting outside and being active. It’s a big part of how I’ve been able to take the events of the past year. So to help out my injured, aching body, I drink this stuff – a little Barley Life to get my daily requirements of fruit and vegetables, RevitalX to help with my irritated stomach, and tart cherry concentrate with stuff to promote healthy joints, regulate sleep and inflammation, and a banana to help it taste better. 

Doesn’t that look yummy! I can hear you now, “Oh, Maery, you are so funny!”

I’m hoping you all have something a little more scrumptious planned for Christmas! 

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Oh, Maery, you ARE so funny! Your lovely concoction looks like pea soup in a glass. I loved the soccer game, you really did have a good time and it shows. Sleep sound and have a terrific day tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas Ya’ll!!!

  2. Ha, you are so funny! And the soccer match is hilarious.
    Oh the snow we’ll have for fun and games outdoors.
    I don’t think you HAVE to mix all that stuff together…LOL!!! (but it does save time)

  3. Love the dog and horse interaction over the ball. I have the opposite problem of joking around and having people take me seriously. I’ll write a funny post (funny in my mind, I guess) and people will respond with comments about how sorry they are or start giving me advice to help. Sometimes I think I should stand on a street corner holding out a cup and cracking jokes, so that people will feel sorry for me and drop coins in my cup to help me out. Anyway, happy holidays!

    Word Verification = unchoo
    Definition = reversing a sneeze

  4. What great photos of the horse-dog conversation! My dog, K, has a similar relationship with my friend’s horse. She tries and tries to get him to play tug… He actually participated once, which only motivated her to try even more. I loved seeing the photos!

    I love that last photo!!! Java is having a blast!

  5. hey1 It is great to see the photos of Java in action learning..this is going to be so interesting..keep showing us sounds like something I would do if I were younger…you go girl! 🙂

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