Making Up My Mind

Just in case you needed a Brew Babes fix before I launch into deep thoughts…

Are you ready? Let me light the way.

Ah yes, the writing has been difficult to do everyday, having the time, not to mention coming up with something to write about and finding a way to make it “poetic”. This has been my writing theme lately, how difficult it is to write. Go figure.

I’m hoping all this poem a day, throughout the month of April effort, pays off in the form of proving to myself that if I decide to spend time on something everyday, no matter what else interrupts and needs to be done, or how tired and brain dead I am, or even how down or anxious I feel, I can still write through it all — IF I DECIDE TO.

On my tongue
Taste mighty fine
Until they circle my head
Smokey and illusive
Floating ghostlike
Beyond my reach
Come out
Come out
Wherever you are

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  1. Great! I feel like that at times…just “come out, come out, wherever you are!”

    I have so enjoyed your April!

    God bless and enjoy your evening sweetie! :o)

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