Slow Sunday

I had a hard time being inspired today, which is what makes this daily poem practice a good thing for me to do. Writers all know, even if they don’t like it, that you cannot wait for inspiration to strike before you write.

Over and over I’ve been told, you have to sit your butt down and work. If you can’t write anything good, write the most horrible drivel you can think of, but put in the butt time.

So this is my butt time. I hope it helps me learn how to do the same thing in writing a book. Psychologically, because the book is so important to me, it’s a tougher mountain to climb. But I am building up those quads right now.

Today started out a bit chilly at 32 degrees with a strong wind. It warmed up a bit and the sun was a welcome sight after several dreary days in a row. The three of us girls took advantage of our good fortune and hit the road. 
You can’t get away
To tropical places
To memorable vacations
You have to look hard
To find something
Or even interesting
You can’t get to
A remote location
To take in lilting birdsongs
Or chirping peepers
You settle for
Rushing water
Rather than
Naturally made

You settle for 
What draws your eye
You find vibrant colors
In a building or sign
You settle for humor
Found in people 
Or places
You find something ugly
And see what’s compelling
In it’s message
When all else fails
When you can’t afford gas
Or time off
You look around
And make the best
Of what is

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