Tasty Little Dream Bits

Roxanne of Champion of My Heart commented on my Digging Up Dreams post, reminding me that besides the big dream, such as a horse vacation in Europe, you need to have a little piece of your dreams built into each day.

I agree.

Too many people end up disappointed because they think that they’ll be happy when they have this person in their life, when they buy their dream home, when they get a new vehicle, and so on. If you only believe you’ll be happy when you reach your goal, you are going to miss the fun along the way. And God help you if you lose what you worked so hard to achieve.

How many times have you heard that “It’s the journey that counts.” Well, obviously, many people have not heard it enough, or they just don’t get it.

One of my dreams is to write a book and get it published, but if I don’t enjoy the daily writing that is required, I’m not going to ever reach my goal of finishing the book. And when I’m done, I’m going to be sitting around asking “Now what?” rather than starting up another writing project.

And if I want to go horse camping in the Black Hills with Luke, I better put the work in on him on smaller trails and build up how long he’s on a trailer, and learn how to use a picket line and the other equipment I’ve never used before, so the trip ends up being successful and fun and not an accident waiting to happen.

And if I want to enter Java and I in a skijoring race next winter, we both have a lot of work to do.

But the thing is, if you enjoy what you are doing, well, it’s still work, and it can be frustrating at times, and okay, you might want to quit, but it’s fun work. Right? Every step forward is a fist pumping, dancing moment. Right?!

It’s been almost a year since I started on the D journey. Little by little, I’m getting clearer on how I want to live my life and where I want my focus to be. Like…

Every day has to have at least one POW (piece of heaven) moment. That can be watching the sunrise or sunset, taking a walk with Java, going trail riding, or talking to my son on the phone. There are so many things to take in every day. POW moments are really not that hard to find if you open your eyes and mind.

And now this will sound contradictory to what I just stated, but I’m a woman, so I can do that. I mean I may be gaining clarity but I have a long way to go. There is still a part of me that is confused about who I am and what is really important to me right now. Big portions of my life are being ripped away, things that I built my identity around and that determined how I spent my time. Maybe that’s a good thing, to be forced to think about this stuff, to shed some things and try on some others. But it’s sure not easy.

Hopefully it’s not true that an old dog can’t learn new tricks.

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  1. Love this post! POW! “Piece of Heaven” You are so right. It really can be just the little things that can make our life better. I will find a little POW in my life daily!

  2. Maery Rose…I have to say that this is one of my favorite posts. You are so on the mark with this. Clarity! What is REALLY important? You are on your way.

  3. I keep a Will Rogers quote in my desk. It says, “Even though you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”

    If that isn’t a motto for a cowgirl, I don’t know what is.

    Thanks for the shoutout.

  4. I find myself readin’ this post with a big old smile on my face thinkin’ you’ve come a long way baby! Your pushin’ forward, looking ahead…sister I believe you’ve made it over the hump! Woohoo, I’ll celebrate for you.

    You have yourself a glorious day my friend!!!

  5. I love this idea of doing something positive each day…a piece of heaven. I’ve been alittle sad so I’ve been taking a photo a day of the crocuses…as they push themselves up though the cold dirt and landscaping woodchips. Hope the snow that might be coming doesn’t squash ’em.

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