It’s a Charlie Brown Harvest

I had my first green pepper from my potted plant. My green and yellow pepper plants look pretty decent, although the yellow pepper plant is kinda short.

green pepper
yellow pepper

Sue from Dream Valley Ranch referred to my tomato plants as “Charlie Brown” plants and I think she was right. What’s with the yellow, wilting leaves?

tomato plant

My tomato plants had leaves that looked like the plant below last year, and the tomatoes still grew healthy and abundantly; it was just the leaves that died. Of course, if we don’t get some warm, sunny days, I’m not sure if very many of the tomatoes will turn red.

tomato plant

Some people have commented that I’m brave to go trail riding on my own. All the previous years of living out here, I was afraid to ride alone because I didn’t think it was safe and wouldn’t be much fun. It was so frustrating finally having a truck and trailer but not the friends to go trail riding with.

Of course, this summer, a “what do I have to lose” attitude got me out on the trails on my own, and I’m so glad it did. Turns out, at least for me, that riding on my own is actually lots of fun.

I can go at whatever pace I want without worrying about a less experienced rider getting hurt if I want to run or take a more challenging route. Or worrying about boring someone if I want to stop and take photos of flowers or get off and check out some interesting roots. Hey, they looked much cooler in person.


I also run into people on the trails and sometimes ride and talk with them, or just stop and converse for awhile about the trails, our horses, and what kind of bug spray they use.

On my own, it feels adventurous and daring to take a new route or explore a barely visible pathway, that perhaps only deer have taken before (at least in my imagination). My solo trail rides have also given me time to think, reflect, and dream.

And I do take precautions. I wear a helmet. I carry a cell phone, drivers license and medical insurance card. And I pay attention to my surroundings and to cues my horse is giving me on whether he’s nervous and I need to sit deeper, pick up both reins, and maybe get onto a different trail.

Eventually, I’d like to have a mixture of lengthier, planned trail rides with other people and spur of the moment rides on my own. But for now, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of my time with Luke, and hopefully, building his confidence and our partnership.


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  1. I love riding my mountain bike on my own. But, I do carry a Spot Messenger (you can look them up on the web). Spot tracks my movements using GPS and anyone with my password etc can look to see where I am. It also has a ‘help’ button to ask friends to come to a certain GPS location to help me if something goes wrong but it’s not a 911 emergency. Finally, it has a 911 button for if I get hurt and cannot get out of the woods on my own. If I push 911, the message goes straight to the police who come get me (at the GPS location that they receive with my message) with emergency equipment.

    It might be something to consider if you’re using trails that are rarely visited by others. On busy trails, it’s probably not needed.

  2. Dusty – I know what you mean. There’s a trail riding club that I joined last year intending to go riding with them, but the groups that go are huge. I don’t like being all on top of each other and worrying about one of the horses kicking or something.

    KB – Thanks for the information. I haven’t been anywhere so remote that I would have needed it but I’m hoping to be more adventurous this fall or next summer so I’ll check it out.

  3. Mary…nice post. I’m very impressed with your pepper plants. We don’t even have any showing yet. Huge tomatoes (green)…lots of zuchini, parsley etc. Look forward to making sauce. Thanks for all your comments.

  4. we’re waiting for some fixings from our greenhouse as well

    i trail ride solo with gazi and picken (with gazi’s it’s my profile in courage)! but i think it’s so good for your head, heart and soul and bonding with your equine partner.

    off to ride tho with trainer patrick later ! He likes to cover country so i’m always a little nervous at the jump


  5. KB had a great idea there!
    Hey buddy, could it be that those plants are suppoed to look like that? Hmmm? (probably not) But it does look like you are getting actual peppers!
    Another gadget idea: something to mount the camera on your Luke’s head, with a cable attached so you can squeaze it…and Luke can take photos of you! See ya Saturday!

  6. Lori – I’ve seen your garden and it’s produce. It looks much more productive than mine but I am glad the pepper plants seem to be coming through. Now if I can just keep from killing them.

    GP – From what you write, I think your horses are more high spirited than mine. I agree that riding is good for your head, heart and soul and like the bonding/partnering piece. Hope you had a good ride with your trainer!

    Lynn – Like the gadget idea. I’d be happy with a camera that didn’t have a blurry viewer and that wasn’t so slow to actually take the photo. Found one I like for $800. Like that’s going to happen…

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