A Night and Day in the Life

This is what I do when I can’t sleep.

Moon in the clouds… kind of eerie.

full moon

Turn off the flash! We’re trying to sleep here!


That was last night. This is today, when I took Murphy out for a spin. I haven’t ridden him for quite awhile so I just rode in the arena, which was just dragged. Murphy was very impressed.

horse in arena

Oh, now there’s footprints…

horse in arena

Murphy isn’t really as fat as his shadow makes him look.

Horse and rider shadow

Since Murphy was not so good about loading on the trailer last time I took him out, we worked on loading. I tried patience for awhile before pulling out a whip. He loaded four times, but not as smooth and relaxed as I’d like him to be. He was always a good loader before. I’m not sure what’s bugging him this year. Maybe he’s caught wind that he’s going to be sold and keeps thinking he’s being put on the trailer never to return…

This is Java’s “I’ve done something bad but aren’t I cute” look.


She keeps digging this hole, and I keep filling it back in.


You’d think with all these clouds we would get some rain! I’ve kept the horses off the pasture for five days and it doesn’t look like the grass has grown at all.


They’re having to resort to hay, and I’m getting “the look”.

horses eating hay

It’s been a busy, long day. Time for me to hit the hay myself.

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  1. Your arena looks lovely! I wish mine looked like that!
    Java reminds me alot of my Sadie, she also digs and she has a hole in the yard that she keeps digging back up after we fill it in. Silly dogs!
    I hear you on the rain. We haven’t had a good rain shower since May. It is so dry here, which is very unusual for our parts.

  2. Hi Mary, Thanks for the comment over on my blog..stop by any time! love the looks your horse and dog are giving you..very expressive! you have a very interesting blog here, I will be back again! 🙂

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