I’ve Been Training for This

What ought one to say then as each hardship comes? I was practicing for this, I was training for this. — Epictetus (55-135 AD) Greek Philosopher

My sister T and her husband P came to visit me from California. They arrived Thursday evening. Java rode with me to the airport. I had to drive the truck as my Mini doesn’t have any leg room in the backseat. Java was a little confused about the circling thing we had to do while T and P waited to get their luggage.

dog in truck

This isn’t much of a vacation for T and P. They mainly came to help me out and build up my spirits. Family is sure a good thing to have! I am so thankful that they took time out of their busy lives to help me out.

P and I spent about three hours cleaning up manure and pulling weeds along the fence line. I got compliments from both P and T on my incredible tractor handling skills. I broke one of my manure forks in half with the weight of some of the stuff, but doesn’t this look nice?

white fence

Here’s some of the weeds we pulled.


P was such a huge help! It would have taken me all summer to accomplish what we did during one morning.

These are rocks that the horses play some sort of game with, pulling them from the sides of the barn and kicking them all over the paddock.


Now they are once more piled up against the barn. Come on, say it… “Boy that looks nice Mary!” It doesn’t take much to thrill me.

We finished picking up all the manure behind the barn. Oops. I see we missed some weeds along the run-in.


The question now is what to do with this huge manure pile? I don’t have a spreader and wouldn’t spread it while it’s hot anyway. If I can find a low area on the property, I can maybe use some of it for fill.

manure pile

T and P also helped me sort some things in the basement into piles – things to keep, things to toss, and things to have Goodwill come pick up. I should have taken a before picture but, take my word for it, this is a HUGE improvement. Previously, stuff filled all these shelves and was spilling out every which way.

basement shelves

T and P have also been keeping me well fed. I’ve got enough food in my refrigerator to feed an army. And Java has been truly enjoying all the attention. She entertained my sister and I by swimming back and forth in the pool for about 15 minutes the other day. I think she knew we were watching. And she wakes P up every morning with a big smooch, which he greatly appreciates.

The sermon this morning at church was on patience – waiting on and trusting God while we wait. It was a good message for someone who has so much going on and changing and is not quite sure where it’s all going to take her. But I am assured that I am not alone in all this. I’ve got plenty of angels watching over me. And I’m finding a sense of confidence that I’ve never known before.

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  1. I like the sound of upbeatness that keeps shining through in this post and the previous one.

    And, it sure looks like taking care of horses (and their manure) is a big job!

  2. Hey Mary! I am impressed! Your paddocks look beautiful, you have great company, the frig is full and having your sense of confidence become stronger is a good sign. Things are going to work out.

    Thanks for all your comments. The two grey horses…that’s a postcard I had made.
    The one on the left was mine (Marieke-put down at 19 for colic) and the other is her full brother (Hollander-an eventer). Anglo-Trakehners and beautiful creatures.
    Berlin, the horse I ride the most (24) is her daughter.

  3. Yes. The help was awesome! My sister and brother-in-law helped me get the place to a point I can somewhat manage and keep up with on my own. They also got me going on starting to sort through a life-time accumulation of stuff. They got me past being stuck in overwhelm mode. My family certainly blesses my life.

    GP – Yes, definitely being strengthened and carried through this.

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