You Call This a Vacation?

I’m not happy, I’m cheerful. There’s a difference. A happy woman has no cares at all. A cheerful woman has cares but has learned how to deal with them.
— Beverly Sills (1929-) American Opera Singer
Last Monday morning I was cleaning up manure and I must have gotten distracted, which happens quite often to me. Unfortunately, this time it meant that I forgot to close the back barn door.

T, P, and I were pulling weeds around the pool area when I heard some crashing in the barn. I ran to the barn door and when I opened it (after I managed to move Murphy so I could actually swing the door open), I found this.


They had emptied two trash containers and made a mess of the hay bales. Can’t even tell there are bales there can you?

Mary, Mary, Mary…

We picked up the mess, but it was too hot to do the actual cleaning in the barn that I wanted to do. That had to wait until Tuesday morning when it was much cooler and less humid out.

P cleaned cobwebs off the highest areas.

cleaning barn

While sister T and I cleaned the aisles of loose hay. We also emptied a stall that contained several moldy bales.

cleaning barn


I’m on the right.

Such an ENORMOUS help! I couldn’t reach the highest peaks of the barn and cleaning up the hay that needed to be tossed out was physically daunting.

We didn’t completely finish cleaning up cobwebs and dust because T and P needed to get cleaned up and eat before catching their plane. The stuff that’s left is low enough for me to reach so I should be able to finish it up this weekend.

We clean up pretty good. This is my sister and her husband.

sister and husband

And my sister and me. I haven’t quite got the smiling thing down like my sister.


Java and I miss them loads and I am so grateful for all the help they gave me. What a blessing they are. I hope we’ll be able to get together again soon. And next time we’ll do something more fun. Well, unless next time they’re helping me move…

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  1. Your sister and brother in law are great and I’m sure you enjoyed their help and company. You have a beautiful barn! So nice that they could be there to help you in so many ways.

    Thanks for all your sweet comments. When are you coming over for dinner?
    Bring Java.

  2. So glad that your sis and b-i-l came to visit. Seems to have helped you enormously.

    As for the barn door being left open etc – I’m a bit confused. Who made the mess? The horses? Raccoons? Java?

    I take care of my friend’s horses sometimes, and she’s always emphasizing closing doors so the horses don’t get into things – so I’m betting on the horses.

  3. Me too…who made the mess? I didn’t know horses were sneaky mess makers.
    What a great sister and brother-in-law…and really cute folks too!

  4. Lori – As soon as I can find a horse sitter, Java and I will be there.

    KB and Lynn – The back barn door opens up to the paddock so yes, it was the horses that came in and tore things apart. I couldn’t believe they emptied the trash, which had no food in it, when they had free rein of the hay. So yes, they do things sometimes just because they are curious.

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