Summer Festivities – The Irish Fair

As summer draws to a close, I wanted to take a look back at the summer’s festivities, starting with the Irish Fair, which took place in early August.

I tried to find a GOOD Irish poem to accompany my photos, but alas, Google failed me. So here is my first attempt at Irish poetry and blessings all tangled into one.

My Irish Heart

Oh what tugs at my Irish heart?
So many things, where do I start?

Music and dance
A horse that will prance

A published book
A man that can cook

An Irish blessing
That makes me sing

Ooooohhhh, soooo…

May your Lucky Charms
Never be soggy

May you always have
An obedient doggie

May your pot of gold
Be right where you stand

And may all your days
Be zany and grand 

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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Everything about this post made my heart sing! The people and animals; the children and music you captured!! The black and white, the sepia, the color – and the piece de resistance – the poem. Thank you for such a celebratory moment in my morning!!

    1. Well, thank you, your comment has me dancing too. Took a peek at your blog too and enjoyed the photos. It looks like you live at my kind of place!

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