A Day in the Life

Thanks everyone for your comments on my post on Willow. One of my nieces read it and told me that she put her deceased dog’s tags on her keychain because he loved to ride with her everywhere she went. I wish Willow would have had dog tags because that’s a really good idea. 

And my niece has kept her dog’s ashes and placed them with his collar and a clay paw imprint on a table. From this and what other people have said, I think I’m going to take at least some of Willow’s ashes with me. She would have enjoyed the adventure! And, yes, I do plan to make my life an adventure to remember. Haven’t figured out how yet, but I will.

Today, because I’m tired of spewing out all my emotions, I’m just going to show my weekend in photos. 

I hope you enjoy them.

These are the types of photos you end up with if you are trying to take photos of yourself riding.

Okay, I can get a pretty good photo of Luke before I get on. Doesn’t he look nice? He’s just raring to go. I actually looked up the idiom “raring to go” because I wasn’t sure I was spelling “raring” right. I discovered the saying is derived from a horse “rearing” and being anxious to get moving. Just a little trivia for you…

Luke saddled and ready

Actually I think Luke was more in the snoozing mood. Or he was just trying to keep the sand out of his eyes. It’s been really windy around here lately.

Luke snoozing

So here I am, in the saddle, looking utterly sheik in my helmet and dark glasses. I kind of look like a cop or something, you know, like on CHIPS. Okay, so you’re too young to know about that TV program. Never mind…

And here’s my leg and foot in the stirrup. Man, my shoes are looking pretty worn! The half chaps have been giving me problems too. Zipper doesn’t want to zip anymore. Old and worn out just like, oh wait, I wasn’t going to go there…

And here I am taking photos while moving. See what a fine job I’m doing.

Mary riding Luke

Alright. So that was kind of boring. So I’m moving on to Java. She’s much more entertaining. Here she is, caught in some sort of sideways, airborne leap.

Java Leaping

And here she is running with a piece of duct tape.

Java running with tape

And after all that running and jumping, a dog really needs to take a dip in the pool.

Java in the pool

But for the grand finale, here’s Java trying to lead Luke, who’s too busy eating grass to budge. Ignore that mysterious head growing out of Luke’s back.

Java holding Luke

And that’s all folks!

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  1. I love the Java-leading-Luke photo….and the random running with duct tape photo. She cracks me up! Did I mention how gorgeous Luke is? I love his coat color, it is so beautiful. And love the CHiPS reference…my older (3 years older) half sister was soooo obsessed with that show, I have seen FAR too many episodes of it thanks to her…Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the beauty in this Spring…jst the past 4 or 5 days it has finally become truly Spring-like here, and it’s gorgeous.

  2. Java is cracking me up! What a funny dog!
    I am so glad you had a good time riding, Luke is beautiful! Oh, and your arena is to die for!

  3. Someone famous said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” I think it might have been Dorothy Parker. You’re on the right track. Great pics. Thanks for letting us share your weekend!

  4. Yes, thank God for my funny Java. She does keep me laughing (and busy). I do best when I’m able to spend a lot of time outside – taking walks, riding, working in the yard, or just sitting when I get a chance so I’m glad things are warming up.

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