Mounted Shooting Demo and Leaves

I am so bummed! I went to see a friend at a Mounted Shooting demo. Lots of action that I tried to capture with my camera, but most of the photos turned out looking like this:

Next time, I go to photograph any kind of fast movement, I’ll bring my other camera. No guarantee there either since the lighting was bad, there was smoke from gun fire, and they were going really, really fast, but maybe a better chance of getting at least one good shot.

So here’s what I got:

This is an 11 year old rider. At age 10 and 11, kids ride with cap guns, rather than the 45 Revolvers. Then after their ride, they shoot 3 balloons from the ground. Kids younger than that run the patterns without shooting.
The old west costumes are interesting, showing a little bit of the personality of the rider. This lady was the dressiest. In the photo, she is putting out new balloons for the next rider.
This is my friend, riding with an Annie Oakley look.
After the Mounted Shooting, there was an Extreme Cowboy Race demonstration. I’d never heard of this before. It reminded me of Competitive Trail Riding only more “Extreme”. The kiddy pool had toys in it and crackled and bounced around as the horses walked through it. I won’t be taking up this sport…
This narrow wood walkway teeter-tottered. Gasp!
A couple of the people doing slingshot, actually shot their horse in the back of the head. Poor babies.
I rode Luke on Saturday. No scary obstacles for us. Should have done a better job removing the bridle sweat marks.
Luke has a new pasture pal, a Rhinelander.
The rest of the weekend was spent on yard work — burning twigs and raking and vacuuming up leaves.
My beaver supervised.
Java found one of her bones to keep her occupied.
Wow! There’s actual grass under those leaves!
I only got a couple panels of the fence sealed so far. The temperature isn’t cooperating.
Java has a new friend next door. They race back and forth along the fence (too fast for my stupid camera to catch them). All I could get was the after-shot.

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  1. I have watched these events on tv, they are so exciting!

    You may not be proud of your pictures but the sense of excitement and movement came through wonderfully.

  2. What a smokin’ competition!!! Horses, guns, balloons and kids, what a ride!!!!

    I love Java’s after shot. Looked kinda like me after we worked cattle Saturday! Heeehehehe

    Have a fantastic week hon!!! :o)

  3. This looks so foreign to me. I only know the side of you that doesn’t involve horses, so it doesn’t all compute in my naked little brain. Your deck, fence and yard are looking great! Your own personal beaver…who knew!?

  4. Sue – I’ve played with the idea of doing mounted shooting. But there’s the issue that I’d have to learn to shoot well, teach my horse to let me shoot from on his back, teach him to neck rein. I think that’s about it…

    Gail – Thanks. I was glad to at least catch the speed and intensity of the riders.

    KB – I wonder if dog’s actually like the comfort of a pillow for their head or are just copying us?

    Kathleen – There are so many sides to me (or is that multiple personalities?). It would take a lifetime to see them all.

  5. Cowboy mounted shooting is very cool! Have a friend in Arizona who is actually at the CMSA Worlds in Amarillo right now. We went to the Worlds when it was in Las Vegas, it was a blast! And very loud. Amazing to watch though.


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