It’s a Good Thing You’re Cute

I want you to know that eventually, my hair is going to look like this:

Not quite as long, but otherwise, it will be JUST like that. Right now, I have some kind of shelfish thing going on with my layers and they need to “grow” and “blend”. I just thought you should know that.
It’s a Good Thing You’re Cute
I have a terr[i]or.
She’s lucky she’s cute
My yard will never be featured
In “Better Homes and Gardens”
Unless they run an article
On the creative use of leaf bags
To barricade
Against escaping puppies

Or how to foil intruders
With trap holes
Or how your dog
Can help you
Tear up old rock
How about this?
Java’s contribution
“Bring the beauty of nature
Decorate with leaves!”
Yes, it’s a good thing
You’re both cute

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  1. ….and life is never ever dull and borin’!!!

    Love the doggie pictures…especially the last to close ups of the stars!!!

    Enjoy your evenin’ sweetie!!!

  2. I would rather grow puppies than a lawn any old day:-) Such a happy little family you have! Great puppy portraits:-)

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