I Look So Much Better in Person

I hate updating my photos on Facebook, my blog and wherever else I make an appearance. For one thing, I keep getting absurdly older everyday. Let’s just say that the previous photo is always better than the most recent shot. But since I got my hair cut quite a bit shorter, I figure in all honesty, I should show my current self.

What I really wish is that my son would draw  a cartoon of my true, inner super-woman that never ages and that I see in my head all the time. You know the the one I’m talking about… Don’t tell me you’ve never looked into a mirror and shrieked, “Who the hell is that!”

Besides, I was having a fairly good hair day. Really! My hair was stylin’. I don’t know what the hell my iPad did to flatten it all our and make it look dishwater blonde.

Anyway, I went out in the backyard with my iPad to try and take a face shot of myself. All the real personalities out there have professional headshots that depict some aspect of their “brand” or unique personality. They might be holding one of their chickens, standing on a cliff staring off towards the ocean, or draped in front of some really cool old truck.

The best I could come up with was to try to get my dogs to cooperate and sit on the steps with me while I tried to line up shots with my iPad and press the damn elusive camera button on the screen, while maintaining the correct tilt of head to not accentuate my neck  or chin area.

So this is what I ended up with. I swear, I look so much better in person. Sigh…

So which photo would you choose?

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  1. I like #2, but there are several good ones. Love your new haircut! I got my hair cut early this summer too. Before that my hair was longer than it had been in many years. Now it’s an A-line cut, you know where he sides are longer than the back and the back is stacked. Whatever. It’s still just hair, right? You look beautiful. And remember, to stop aging is to permanently step off the roller coaster…don’t want that right? 🙂

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