Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let sleeping dogs lie. That’s what I’m thinking as I look at Latte snuggled next to me. She is flexing her toes and readjusting herself from being curled up into a basketball to stretching like an archer’s bow.

Java is curled up next to Steve on the loveseat. She appears to be enjoying the blanket I draped over one end of the furniture in my sad attempt to have the folds of material hang just so and cover up the hole Latte chewed through the leather. The wood frame is exposed on the side, the hole gaping big enough to swallow my cat Shy.

The two dogs are lying so still, I’m thinking I should take advantage of the situation and draw them, but experience tells me that they will certainly move before I’m even a quarter done. Not that their movement makes any real difference in the quality of my artwork…

Java is beginning to dream, eyes fluttering under her lids, her breath quickening and coming out in soft whimpers, while Latte lies dreamless, her battles fought during waking times…

My Caffeinated Girls

Latte is one of those dogs
The kind that breaks into 
A mad, blurry dash 
Spinning wildly
On the living room rug 
Run into the bedroom
Her nails making alarming sounds
As claws rip into carpet
Jumping onto a neatly made bed
She can transform blankets and pillow 
Into a wild and wave-tossed sea
Then back to the living room
Then the bedroom
Grab a hunk of Java’s tail
As she runs on past
Black tufts of fluff
Fly through the air 
Java joins the chase
Grinning at the game
Then watching and waiting 
To see what happens next 
Java, the conserver of energy
The one who can bring the chase
To a grinding, skidding halt
With a mere growl and a snap
There comes a lowered Latte
A paw extended in peace
An ear and face lick
If Java please
“Apology accepted?” Latte asks
Then it starts 
All over again
Until Latte runs 
All of the bees 
Out of her bonnet 
And stands, 
Suddenly still, 
Panting and smiling 
A doggish, toothy grin
Looking expectantly
As if waiting for applause

(Latte to the left, in a quieter moment, Java on the right)

– Cross-posted on Vision and Verb

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