Escape to an Enchanted Woods

I am staying in a tiny cabin in the woods with Java. The place sounded low key when I read about it — a good place to get away and write.

When I arrived, I found a book in my cabin called “Searching for the Acorn” by Deborah Latzke, a local writer…

“Whether or not Yewmi wanted to admit it, she had reached a crossroads. Did she want to take the path that would lead to more of the same or travel the path to create something different?”

I’ve been struggling since January to follow through on making this the year I have a solid draft of my book completed.

I’ve tried writing in the morning. I’ve tried writing during my lunch break at work. I’ve tried writing after work. And I haven’t yet found a time, place, or candle-lighting ritual that has managed to turn working on my book into a regular habit — something I no more have to think about than brushing my teeth before bedtime.

“Frightened to the very core of her being, Yewmi scrambled to her feet and ran as fast as she could away from the fear and into the enchanted forest.”

So here I am, trying to get away from all the busyness and distractions to get a solid foothold on my story.

The first day here was a bust.

“In an effort to get her bearings — and make certain that the fear was not lurking behind one of the nearby trees — Yehmi began slowly turning in a circle.”

I spent the day trying to figure out where everything is (like a shower I could use) and looking for a place to walk and wear out Java so she would sleep peacefully while I write.

There’s been a lot of rain so far this Spring. Many of the walking paths right at the cabins are under water. The neighboring state park is mainly wetlands and is closed to the public until things dry out more.

“As she turned, a campfire flickering in the distance came into view. Hoping to find help, Yewmi hurried toward the light.”

Java and I finally ended up at Lake Mille Lacs where we could walk along the shore a bit. It wasn’t enough walking to truly tire out Java so we braved the muddy, flooded paths around the cabins when we got back.

Java blissfully splashed through the water while I tried to balance on logs and hop between mounds of high ground. I only fell in big-time once.

“I am in need of your counsel, Wise One. Tonight I saw my fear.”

(This is  Lake Mille Lacs. We didn’t have to hop any puddles quite that big…)

I can’t keep quoting from “Searching for the Acorn” without ripping off the author, Deborah Latzke.

No. I’m going to have to begin telling my own story. In my own way.

And so the journey continues…

All quotes are from “Searching for the Acorn” by Deborah Latzke

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