The Same Yet Different

It’s all a matter of perspective
Where do you put your focus?
Is it on the dreary damp of icy rain?
Or on the beauty of crystallization?
Do you see the contrast 
Between light and shadow?
And know the wonder of both?
Whether you take a broad view
Or narrow things down
Focus on details
And which details do you see?
Tilt your head
To the left or right
Look down and then up
Do you see?
The same
Yet different
You tell me
It’s a matter of perspective

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  1. When I see posts like this one from you, I’m always reminded that I need to expand my view of you from writer to artist. Very well done.

    1. Thank you Bev. You made my day! I’ve been contemplating whether I can call myself a photographer and here you’ve advanced me to an artist. =D

  2. Your photos are wonderful. I love the ones with the water on the glass… the lighting and patterns are so dramatic, and your point is made so clearly. I also love the ones of Latte, especially the last one where she is sniffing intently. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.

  3. Such a beautiful set of images and words. Perfect observations of our sense of perspective, you’ve opened up my own view of things this morning Maery Rose!

  4. I’m loving each of these images, the first with that lovely burst of color really did my heart good … but you know that I’m sweet on your pups, no matter which way I look at them! Thanks for sharing.

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