Minnesota Autumn Brew Review

Last Saturday, I went with some friends to the Autumn Brew Review, put on by the MN Craft Brewer’s Guild. Basically, you pay a fee to get into the event and are handed a small glass to go around and sample beers brought by 80 brewers.

There was a large variety of beers (over 250 craft beers) from pale to dark to exotica. A few of my favorite brewers were there — Goose Island, Surly, and Left Hand Brewing Company. A new favorite is Deschutes Brewery. I liked three kinds of their beers. And I probably liked Flying Dog Brewery for their artwork and their brew called “Raging Bitch”. Hey, it’s been a rough month.

There were numerous people at the event. The line to get in was about two blocks long. Some attendees had obviously done this before as they arrived with string loads of pretzels around their necks in various shapes and sizes — you must cleanse your pallet between tastings, don’t ya know.

And there were wreaths made out of hops.

And music.

And dancing.

And there was Hammerschlagen, a challenge after a few beers.
And best of all, a different kind of Brew Babe…

As I walked around tasting beer and observing the crowd, I couldn’t help but notice all the cool boots! 
I had definite boot envy going on. I took so many photos of boots that I had to put them into a little musical video. Can you guess what song I chose?

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  1. Enjoyed the boots! The Autumn Brew Review looks like a lot of fun. I am not so sure about the Hammerschlagen. I would have to turn the hammer the other way to hit the nail. Get Goosed…I like your pretzel necklace.

  2. What a great event! I didn’t even know it existed. There couldn’t be a better ‘people watching’ place! The boots are cool. I just bought a pair of rubber leopard print ankle-high boots ~ pretty cute with leggings:-)

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