Tree Beings

You all know how much I love trees. Well, I got to see some great driftwood and tree-rock-flower arrangements while I was in Colorado, which I ‘ll show you in my Not Too Many Words Wednesday.

When I photographed this tree, I was thinking it looked like it was doing some kind of yoga posture. But when I looked at the photo on my computer, what I saw was a wolf. I’m wondering what you see?
I’m a sucker for one lonely tree struggling against all odds to grow.
And I admired the way this loner stood out against the darkening sky.
An octopus perhaps?

Creepy shape-shifting witch fingers that brush your neck as you pass by… 

There were places where my two favorite elements combined — water and trees. Some were a raging combo.
Others joined in serenity.

And these sentries were just plain cool.

Java has her own appreciation for trees or bite size pieces of them anyway…

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