This is my brain on thinking

I’m on Vision and Verb today with different words to read. My first attempt at creating a post for both sites was a bit too chaotic to let loose in too broad of a space. But okay for here, I think… where I can worry less about embarrassing anyone but myself. 
Because sometimes the humor I use under stress can be a bit strange. Like, sometimes I’m the only one who thinks it’s funny. 
I know! Weird!
But if I can’t laugh at my myself, then, who can?
So this is my brain on thinking…
Stress is getting to me
I’ve taken on too much

I need more vacation days
Hell, I need more coffee!
Preferably with cream, 
which I’m out of

[Brain refires, neurons switch]

If I could just rewrite 
my blog summary…
No really! 
Bear with me

If I could create that brief synopsis
containing the perfect words
describing what I am all about
(which I’ve been wordsmithing for months now)

Block letters
Clear and concise
Yes, that’s it!
That’s me!

All the bits of my life 
would come together
A blanket of peace
would settle upon
the hills and plains 
of Maeryland
And all the me’s
would live in

It wouldn’t have to be perfect
This summary 
of my most ideal self
Just something to stop the twitch 
in my left eye

Maybe the words are hiding 
inside something already written
Shuffle, Shuffle, Click, Click
I know it’s here somewhere!

just go ahead,
in scatter mind

Let words 
come out 
in a 

And then SIFT, SIFT, SIFT 
Watch for the big chunks
to drop out

A cabin in the woods
I just need to get away!

Maybe a trip to the coffee shop
A simple, small change of scenery

Shake that old routine in a can 
And roll it across the table!

I just want 
something to feel right 
A path well taken

[Scene change]

I am paging 
through books 
near at hand
Books of poetry
Three, then four, then more
None speak to me

Is this how my day begins?
Without poetry?

Finally, I sit down
Books drop 
like disappointment 
to the floor

None say what I need to hear
Which is why 
I guess I write

And my fingers fly 
like wings
A melody of words
Called Maery Mind
In the minor key
of glee

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    1. I actually haven’t put a new one on my blog yet. My life keeps changing so much. I feel like my intro should evolve also. Not completely, but a bit.

  1. Yes I definitely identified with A LOT of that so take solice in knowing you are not alone …or perhaps solice is actually better alone? Life is such a lovely contridiction . Lol

  2. I LOVE this post Maery!! And, in particular….
    “…None say what I need to hear, Which is why I guess I write…” (I absolutely believe this may be at the core of why many of us write); to understand our own lives/world. And I think it flows over into fiction as well.
    “…And my fingers fly like wings A melody of words Called Maery Mind In the minor key of glee…”

    I’m right there with you!!

    More loving kindness Maery :smiles

  3. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed Maery…but your photos are wonderful. (especially of the Piliated…wow)
    A cabin in the woods? That can be done Maery, might do the trick ; )

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