The Last Nice Day

The Last Nice Day
Or so I hear
I walk off miles of anxious
While geese gather
Like thoughts
Honking loudly
Is it safe?
Should we land?
Is this a good spot?
Do I know you?
The sun rises and sets

Rivers flow

Dogs smile

Leaves turn
And then fall

There are cycles
There are constants
And there is flight

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  1. Exquisite images Maery Rose! I cannot see the sandcrane…or are they all sand cranes?!? we have our yearly migration coming through in Socorro at the Bosque del Apache mid November….such wonder! Reminds me of Terry Tempest William’s new book I’m reading, :When Women were Birds.” Lovely!

  2. Mary – Thank you. I like the title of the book. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

    Paint Girl – You got it! Gorgeous days make the shots easy and the geese were so cooperative. They just kept coming and coming and coming…

  3. Thanks for pointing out the Sandhill Crane, I had to go back and look for it. Nice pic! Love the post. Happy Fall!

  4. We have sandhills down here in the winter. A few years ago I knew where to find the flocks, but now, with drought and changing farming patterns, I’d have to look just a bit. There’s nothing like a whole field of geese or cranes!

    The white pelicans are coming in now – I saw a large flock this week. They’re always a harbinger of our first real cold front, so I’ll be sniffing the air. The geese will be later – often mid-November or so. I love to hear them.

  5. Lori – I’m glad!

    Zoma – I didn’t realize the cranes were there until I downloaded the photos, although I did hear them calling. I love the way they sound!

    Linda – Thanks for stopping by! I love watching the pelicans fly over when I’m in California. I got a little burned out on the sounds of geese when I was at a festival where there were goose and duck calling competitions. But enough time has passed that the sound is something pleasant again. =D

  6. Oh there it is! I would have missed the crane had you not mentioned it. Great capture…in fact they all are.
    I was walking with a friend at Elm Creek last weekend and a flock of Trumpeter Swans flew over our heads. Of course I could not for the life of me get them in the view finder of my camera in time.

  7. Poetic words to go with gorgeous photos. It cannot possibly be the “last nice day”. They told us that here last week, and we had a few gray days but the blue is back!

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