It’s a Minnesota Thing

Minnesota State Fair
Time to harvest the fields
To many of us
Eating is a pretty big deal 
For now there is fun
Before school has begun
So let’s joyfully swing 
To and fro
Many come for the food
Some come for the rides
Some teens come looking for love
I remember those times…
Now I come to hear music
Such a variety of bands
And I pause as always
As nature takes me by the hands
Bees and plants catch my eye
Moving, splashing water too
But then a parade rounds the bend
With many floats that go moo

Not like the Macy parade
Oh, no not a bit
But with this Minnesota crowd
It’s still quite a hit

(You have your super heroes, we have ours…)

(Was Smokey always this out of shape?)

(Only in Minnesota is a snowplow part of a parade)
A caramel sundae for breakfast
A Greek wrap for lunch
A micro brew to cool off
It all packs quite a punch
When the crowds overwhelm me
It’s time to head out
But I’ll be back next year
Without a doubt

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