This is the Life!

I am sitting in my potting shed typing on my wireless keypad, which is synced up to my iPad, which is managing to pick up Wifi from the house. Isn’t that cool?!

Did I mention that I’m sipping iced coffee and looking out at my chickens who have finally made it outside?! I am loving this.

Visualize silly, big grinning Maery. This is so cool! 

At least it is until I have to try get the chickens to walk up the somewhat scary looking ramp to go into their “big girls” coop. Not looking forward to that. But they’ve settled in so nicely into the outdoors that I’m sure they’ll get the rest of it down to a routine in no time. This is the point where I wish I had a hen that’s been around the block to show them the ropes.

There was a whole lot of work that went on this weekend that led up to this point. Yesterday, Steve did the work of burying the wire mesh into the ground to help prevent predators from digging their way into the coop. First a trench was dug and part of the wire attached to the coop went into the trench.

Then that wire had to be buried.
Next the mesh sticking up above ground was bent to lie flat to the ground.
Then that part of the mesh was buried.
While the mesh was going in, I painted what remained to be painted on the coop trim. I also moved some more plants to clear a path to the coop. I’m hoping to add some spaced out stones to mark the way. 
 Here are the plants I moved off to the side of the shed. 
As I was looking into the shed a light bulb strobed on and told me that the potting shed shelf would make an awesome bar for entertaining. 
But really, what I see is my own private little porch surrounded by a mini, magical woodlands, which is going to be such a wonderful place for me to escape, write, read, and dream. 

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  1. Thanks Lori. They sure seem to be happy with the additional space. I wish they’d figure out how to go back in the coop on their own…

  2. Wow Maery, I love the little spot you’ve created…and you have wi-fi no less. Envious : )
    The chickens look like their thriving and doing well.

  3. Lynn, you can have wifi too. If you already have an internet connection, it doesn’t cost anything extra for wifi except the cost of the box, which isn’t much. Then you too can take your laptop outside.

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