I have been sick for days now, with little improvement. I can’t remember being this sick since I had the measles when I was a little kid.

Wrapping my legs in a blanket until they get toasty warm appears to be the cure for how achy they feel. The throbbing headache and throat that feels like I swallowed a football is another matter. I’m trying teas such as “Throat Coat” and “Breathe Easy” from Traditional Medicinals. Soothing but not curing.

However, my time at home has been enlightening. I’ve discovered what my trio does when I’m at work.

And this is what they do when their sleep is disturbed by the paparazzi.

Actually, when I’m not home, Latte is in her crate, my solution after she chewed a hole in my couch. There are some trust issues now…

And this is what the trio does when I sit down on the couch (a rarity) to read a book and drink some tea (that spot of maroon is me).

They battle it out for who gets the most attention with pleading “I’m the cutest” looks…

So this little down and out period has interfered with moving forward on my beekeeping plans, the first thing beeing that I need to create an educational flyer that I can hand out when I go to neighbors houses to find out if anyone is allergic to bees and objects to me having two hives. There is no beekeeping policy where I live so I don’t have to do this but in the beekeeping class, we were advised to bee upfront and take preemptive steps to avoid neighbor problems later.

You may wonder why I’d have two hives in such a small area. It’s actually like I’d only have one hive. The second is to divide off the bees when they start to get too crowded and avoid having them swarm. The old hive pretty much ends up dying off each winter. It’s the Minnesota winter nature of things.

I do hope to have enough energy today to got to Egg Plant Urban Farm Supply and get information about obtaining chicks and a coop. Chickens will help me get over the disappointment if one of the neighbors puts the kibosh on my beekeeping plans.

Onward Ho!

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  1. Love the picture of Java on her back! Very cute. Sorry you are not feeling well!! We had a couple of hives here one summer. They were just visiting though. A beekeeper brought them up to take advantage of the Sourwood trees. My vegetable garden and flower gardens were the best they have ever been. I hope that your neighbors will accept your hives.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. A mini farm is coming to town. Bees? Chickens? An adventure is in your future. I went to the food/poem blog. So interesting!

  3. Jill – That’s one of the points I hope to sell is that their gardens will benefit and I’ll give them a jar of honey once the bees are producing.

    Lori – I do have dreams. And the food/poetry blog was quite a find. I’m always looking for recipe ideas and the poetry is a good bonus.

  4. That pic of Jave all sprawled out just cracked me up, ya could barely tell which end was what! Heeehehehe!

    I’m so sorry your still feelin’ under the weather girl. Stinkin’ crud anyway.

    Hopefully ya can have your bees and your chickens too!!!

    May God bless your weekend and feel better sweetie!!! :o)

  5. You are really tickling me with your “trio” and your beekeeping plans, Maery. But I hate that you’re under the weather. Please pamper yourself!

  6. That is adorable how your babies sprawl out all over you! You must be feeling the love! So sorry to hear how sick you are. Feel better soon.

  7. These photos are so fun Maery. A lot ha changed since I’ve been away. I see you are Maery Rose now…are dropping the Cow Girl?
    Anyway, I am very pro-BEE. We need more bees!
    Hope you are feeling much better very soon! : )

  8. Nezzy – Going to a Backyard Chicken class today… =D

    Ginnie – Yes, well, sometimes I think I’m a bit insane. Like I’m not busy enough? I guess I want to try everything I’m interested in before I’m done here.

    Kathleen – They are adorable, my own little set of groupies…

    Lynn – No plans. Just wanted to see my name in lights, or ummm, banner. I hope I can convince the neighbors that bees are our friends.

  9. Oh…Maery – hope you feel better soon!! And – what fun to be able to witness firsthand what’s going on in your house when you’re out and about!

  10. Hope your feeling better soon!! I totally know what it’s like trying to share our couch with the dogs and cats. Every time one of us gets up, someone steals our seat!

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