Kids at Heart

Saturday, I went to see a few friends ride in a mountain bike race. It was more of a fun race than a serious race (except to some bikers who just can’t help themselves), complete with Halloween costumes. We never quite grow up do we? Zooming around on bikes… wearing costumes… what could be better?

I’m sure my friend Sue will have more photos and information about the bike event, so you should check out her blog for a post on the event. She was certainly into the pure fun of the ride, and I think that she had the best costume.

The kids with the unicycle and giant bike didn’t actually ride the trails but played around the start area. I guess there have been a couple unicycles that have rode the trails though. Not sure how you do that without brakes.

I walked a bit of the “easy” trail and am thinking that I could ride it on my “sort of” mountain bike. It has decent tires and front shocks, but not rear, and my handle bars are too upright, but I’m not looking for a super challenge, no bounding over boulders, I just would enjoy riding through the woods on a dirt trail.

It was fun watching people ride and the costumes were definitely a nice touch. I felt sorry for the poor guy riding the tandem bike though. The hills were killer for the regular bikes. On a tandem, he was working pretty darn hard.

After watching people ride, I went and did some riding of my own on Luke. I didn’t bring my camera but he is definitely putting on his winter coat. He is no longer sleek Luke, but is turning into mountain goat Luke.

Today was spent recovering my dining room chairs, which took a lot longer than I thought it would. I finally got my dining room table back. I think it looks great but it certainly cuts down on the roomy look of my living and dining area. I’m going to have to move the light to line up with the table as the light’s current position placed the table too close to my couch.

I can’t remember how put together I had the living room last time I showed a photo, but it looks like this now.

Java was a very good girl with the trick or treaters.

But only 30 kids came to my door. What will I do with the other 120 pieces of candy that I bought?

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  1. Just want to maybe ride around in the woods a little huh? No bounding over big rocks or anything right? ~heh heh heh~ ~rubs hands together~ That’s what I said at first too! You better start thinking of a costume for next year hon!!!
    ps– Thanks for taking all the cool pics. I WILL get a whole post up about this race when Blogger quits being a butt and lets me load them. 🙂

  2. That was fun, wasn’t it! I too had the urge to try a few of the trails out there, but I am not sure my road bike could handle it. Your house is looking great, ready to nest in for the winter. Kathleen

  3. Sue – Yeah, but I know I can’t climb those big hills unless someone tows me. I hope you got your photos loaded. I can’t wait to see the other shots people took.

    Kathleen – Well, you might need a second bike… Gotta follow those urges while you still can. It was good seeing you there.

    Lori – Thanks for the compliment and tip. I’m actually packing up the candy to take to work. It will go quickly there.

  4. LOL – Love the costumed cyclists! I especially love the shot with bigfoot!

    And I can help you out with that excess candy – just send it over here. I’ll take care of it for you. I’m helpful like that.

  5. Your house looks very nice. So cozy! And I love (what looks like) fox hunting pictures.

    I rode every day this weekend, albeit just a couple hours at a time. Trying to get in as much as I can before the real cold gets here.

    I used to like to bike. Our here in the country, I just have gravel roads or a blacktop with no shoulder on it. Don’t even own a bike anymore. Thought about getting one & leaving at work to bike over lunch. Never got farther than the thought. I need to drop 10 pounds. Should think more seriously about it! 🙂

  6. Your house is beautiful! Our horses are getting really fuzzy too. I love how soft and warm they feel with their winter coats. The bike ride looks like fun!

  7. I was amazed at the costume bike ride…what a blast!

    Honey, your house looks marvelous and the chairs turned out great. Job well done!

    God bless ya and have a magnificent Monday!!!

  8. Dog Geek – Sorry, the coworkers have taken over the candy dish.

    Tammy – I keep hoping I’ll be able to get out for one more trail ride before the real weather hits. At least I have an indoor arena to ride in this winter. I do have some fox hunting pictures. I don’t like the sport but I love the red jackets and the look of the pictures.

    All – Thanks for the compliments on the house. It’s starting to feel more and more like home.

  9. Eat ’em! (the leftover candies)!

    We never have anyone come to our door – we’re too remote. So, we went to the big city for the evening to trick or treat with the nephews. It was fun but I always feel like a fish out of water in the city.

  10. lol! Around here noone just gives out one or two pieces of candy to the kids. Because we’re so rural, most folks can expect just a handful of kids to stop by, so they don’t bother with dispensing candy one at a time…..they tell the kids, “Dig IN!” and then often will tell them, “Grab some more!” lol!
    When we lived in the city, we’d have to visit 30+ houses for the kids to feel their bags were full enough, since we moved to the country, we have to drive to houses, but we only have to visit 10-15 houses tops, and the kids are loaded down with sweets! lol!

    Yor living space is stunningly beautiful! You sure know how to decorate.
    I’m glad you’re getting in some riding time on Luke, too.

    Those costumed bicyclists are too cool!The banana bike cracked me up!


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