Unknowns and Whatevers Part I

Frugal mode
Tighten the old belt
Another hole 
Can I go 
Six months 
Between haircuts?
Live on whatever’s
In my cupboards 
Until they are bare?
I’ve quit 
(except internet) 
TV antenna is my friend
Been there
Done that
No like strangers
In my kitchen
Or do I take 
A flying leap 
Of faith? 
That it will be 
All right
A passport
Away, away
Very far
Take a step
And smile

I can handle
I will handle
I do handle

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  1. Sue – It’s not that I’m feeling hardship really or that I’m not happy with what I have. It’s discomfort over losing ground every month. Trying to turn the tide or just accept it may be this way for awhile.

    Lori – Luke news will be in “Part II”. It was too much for one post.

    Kathleen – You poor thing… I’m sure it was brilliant.

    Cousin B – Thanks. How did you know he was the person I want to visit? Very intuitive.

  2. Beautiful poem. I feel that way sometimes. You are so good with words.

    I, too, am worrying about Luke. I’m thinking of you.

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