Good Day for Eating

It was one of those weekends. The drizzling and dripping never stopped. I found that a puddle about 2 feet wide and 2 inches deep had formed under the sliding barn door.

I shoveled the water out this morning because I was afraid with the cold temperatures coming this week, the barn door will be stuck when the water freezes. But this evening, the puddle had reformed so so be it.

I chopped the ice on the front steps and sidewalk and felt every chop in my poor, beat up shoulders. Plus I’ve been battling a weather-induced migraine and it didn’t like that chopping much either.

So I made soup and bread.

Which I ate by the fire.

And brownies. I normally wouldn’t have bought this mix but they were handing out samples at Costco and they were so moist and wonderful and fat free! So simple – just mix in 2/3 cup nonfat plain yogurt with the mix.

The brownies were supposed to be made in an 8 inch square cake pan but several of my cake pans have wandered off and so I had to use a pie tin. The mix instructions called for lining the pan with parchment paper which is tough in something round but fortunately, looking goofy did not affect the taste.

Yes, Java and I were totally bored out of our minds.

And she is a real hog with the remote.

She honestly does like to sit that way.

Anyway, I think it’s time to find an online dating site. One more weekend like this, and I’m going to completely lose my mind. Oh yeah, that’s right. I lost my mind a long time ago. I was hoping to get it back before setting myself loose on the world, but a girl can only wait so long.

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  1. this weather! yuck. i soaked my boots walking in puddles and yet also slipped on the ice. not fair to have both at once.

    and now it is snowing, that ugly, grainy, salty snow.


    i ate no brownies, but did eat SIX chocolate chip cookies on saturday.

  2. That Java is showin’ his boardroom all stretched out on the sofa there. That soup looks marvelous, MMMmmmm, perfect for a cold winters day!

    Stay safe and have a great day, girl!!!

  3. Love Java relaxing..she is so pretty! A dating service..I do know of several women bloggers who were very succesful..Red Pine Mountain and City Girl Moves to Ozland both found the man of their dreams on the net:)

  4. Lori – If I can do it, anyone can.

    LWD – I wish I knew exactly what I put in it. I don’t measure, just threw in 2 cups navy beans (soaked and then boiled), ham, chopped carrots and celery, garlic, onion, 1 tsp oregano, 1 tsp cumin, and 2 qts water. I think that was it.

    TC – Java is a silly girl and a good lap warmer.

    Laurie – Chocolate chip cookies were last weeks treat. I’m on a rotation system.

    Nezzy – Soup is also good because it pretty much feeds me for a week and then some.

    Lynn – Costco sized. There are 4 separate bags of mix in the box. Hopefully, next time I’ll have an actual cake pan to make them in.

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