Once Again, Good Thing She’s Cute

My brain is so full that it’s hard to sort through it all and write a blog post.

Usually, around the first of the year, I take some time to reflect on the previous year and ponder what I might want to do differently in the future.

It’s not so much a time of making resolutions, like “I’m going to lose ten pounds,” although I’d like to do that too. It’s more thinking about the path I’ve been on and if I want to switch it up some to get to the place I’d like to be next year.

But I don’t want to get too much into that now because, like I said, my brain is way too overwhelmed by clutter to concentrate in the way that deep thought would require.

Instead, I’ll go with some simple, basic reporting on the goings on around this here place. Like this:

I’ve been letting Latte stay out of her crate in the morning for a couple weeks now. She’s loose in the house until around noon, when she gets a pottie break and then she goes into her crate in the afternoon, until I get home from work.

Everything was going great until the lure of leather became too much for her itty-bitty, pinball terrier brain.

Yeah, my leather couch and love seat are the only pieces of furniture I own that are fairly new. Any other significant pieces of furniture I came by from my Mom’s old house so this was a hard blow for me. But maybe it would have been even worse if she’d gotten something with emotional significance bound up in its wood and fiber.

One of my sisters suggested that I use some duct tape. My response was “To repair the couch or to tape Latte’s mouth shut?” I’ll look for a leather repair person and see what they can do, and Latte will probably remain confined in her crate when I’m not home for the rest of her natural life.

I mean Latte hasn’t even bothered the Christmas tree decorations, beyond a few wrestling matches.

Java appears to be the one who is contemplating the gingerbread man. 

Latte prayed for mercy and forgiveness.

In fact, I’ve caught her in this meditative state a few times recently and am wondering how many things I haven’t yet discovered that she’s asking forgiveness for.

And then there’s Shy’s drug problem… Java’s been trying to council her but I’m not sure she’s getting through.

No wonder I can’t think straight around here! But alas, how can I not adore these two?

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  1. Oh no..yes it is good she is cute..A good leather repair person can probably fix you right up..we used to have a leather recliner..and several cats:(he was a regular at our house til I got it recovered..no leather in big furniture pieces since. I am sure she just got momentarily carried away:(

  2. I got a chuckle out of your post this morning. I feel bad for you and your sofa, but glad to see you seem to be taking it in stride. Great pics as always.

  3. Smudge has chewed everything significant in this house and loves the flavor of bitter apple. I have given her bones filled with peanut butter and that keeps her busy for a while…until she pushes it under a chair and chews it back out. I am sure someone can repair your sofa. In the end…it is just a sofa and Latte is a living breathing bundle of joy and fun. Ha. At least that is what I tell myself when Smudge eats something I cherish. Just remember….It could always be worse.

  4. She does look remorseful! I hope that helps. Hannah could not resist leather. She used to open the gifts under the tree if they were leather…ate all the fingers off a pair of gloves, etc. love is a powerful force.

  5. Yep, I hear ya sister…good thing she’s cute!

    Pepper Nipper (my eight month old Blue Heeler) has now sliced and diced all my soaker hoses into twenty foot secetions. I have no solar light left ’round the walk in my cottage garden…chewed up. I’ve let her have tons of things to chew in the yard but she keeps on makin’ like ‘jaws’ on the good things.

    Her only salvation is that she is a wonderful ‘cow’ dog and is worth her weight in gold when it come to heardin’ cattle. My yard…not so great!

    God bless ya sweetie and I’m so sorry about the sofa! {{{SIGH}}}!!!

  6. ahh, too bad! toby once destroyed my couch. the day of a party i was giving that night. i came home from work to find little tiny balls of foam rubber all over the living room. and no, it is not possible to vacuum that s***t up.

    he was cute, too.

  7. Hmmm-is there a hole in that sofa? I don’t see it! (latte paid me to say that). I just adore the brew babes-and it is nice to see shy doing well, too!

    It really is a good thing they are all so cute 🙂

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