Day Moon

We were promised a sunny weekend. They lied.
But we did have a frosty fairy tale morning on Saturday.
I only caught the tail end of the crystal coating
As I was in bread and cookie production mode in the early hours. Comfort food…

I have ridden Luke twice in the past week. The vet said to do with Luke whatever I used to do with him. I haven’t gone that far yet. I can feel he’s still not 100% and he tires quickly.

He doesn’t cough now, just snorts and blows for a bit. We have trotted and cantered, with frequent walk breaks. Maybe I’m being too careful, but I’m going by how he feels to me and taking things slow.

Despite what I’m reading about how heaves is controllable, I don’t feel like I have anything controlled — not with Luke and certainly not with the rest of my life.

I walked with the Brew Babes today for a long time, trying to free something trapped inside my chest and wrapping around my stomach.

Surrounded by mud, ice, and shades of brown, there was nothing worth taking my camera out of its bag to photograph, except for the Brew Babes themselves in a shady spot with a bit of snow white.

I concentrated hard to keep my feet moving, without slipping or tripping, and let the tears fall that I’d been holding back for days. I felt a bit of the tightness loosening.

And when I looked up, I found something worth shooting in the sky.
There’s always something if you look patiently with your heart.
p.s. Thank you for all your kind wishes for Luke. It’s meant a lot to me.

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  1. A beautiful series of photographs. That is some portrait of Java…and the moon! I have been getting similar shots in the late afternoon.
    Hopefully Luke will get his energy back…you are being very thoughtful in the way you are watching out for him.

  2. Nature’s walks always lift away the heaviness I feel sometimes. Looking with your heart, is the only way to look and you always end up pleasantly surprised.

    Beautiful shots 🙂

  3. This sadness and how you are dealing with it really makes me want a dog again…I SO miss walking him in the woods. It always made me feel better.
    Lovely photos. The moon photo is AMAZING. Great shot!!!!

  4. There’s nothin’ quite like a great walk to loosen up the tightness within’! I’m so glad ya had your camera with ya…that moon shot is breathtakin’!!!

    Your ‘brew’ babes seem to pose for ya!

    I’m prayin’ for Luke sweetie!

    Have a super great day!!! :o)

  5. Hi Maery-
    I think you chose the perfect way to let your emotions find their way out to fly free and release their burden on you. Letting those worries and the pain from the past flow out through your tears from time to time must help rebalance your core. And going for a long and pensive walk with your fuzzy little love muffins is the ideal safe place to let that all happen, don’t you think? Love the photos and love that you allowed yourself the luxury of just being with your sadness for a bit. Please give handsome Luke a special hug for me-and squishes to the adorable brew babes of course! Lots of love-Xoxo sue

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