Where the Hell Am I?!

After a very rainy cloudy week, this weekend turned out to be weather perfect. Mostly sunny and warm and I took full advantage of it on Saturday.

A friend and I went to Lebanon Hills Regional Park where Midwest Mountaineering was allowing people to try out a variety of kayaks. I was leaning towards a sit-upon kayak but they only had the sit-in style, which I discovered wasn’t as constricting as I thought it would be. The sit-in was actually quite comfortable, the seat put me up high enough that I wasn’t hitting my hands on the sides.

I really liked a 13 foot Venture Easky. It tracked straight, had good initial stability, paddled at a good speed with ease, and my shoulder didn’t hurt, although I didn’t go very far. Plus it weighed just 46 ponds, although the length would still make it hard to lift.

It was fun and peaceful paddling around the water and checking out the turtles sunbathing on logs. It would be so great to have one more way to enjoy the outdoors. There is something so magically renewing about being out on the water (well, calm water anyway). Maybe someday I’ll have my very own kayak.

After kayaking, we took Java for a walk on the park trails. I really liked the trails at this park because they are more natural and rustic than the paved trails Java and I often walk.

The trees were beautiful and there were numerous ponds that you can portage a canoe or kayak to if you are thus inclined. I’m not too crazy about the idea of portaging. I’d rather paddle rivers.

I don’t know what this bush was but it was interesting with all it’s little fuzzies.

After hiking around, we headed back home to change and go have dinner with some other friends. Thanks to Sue and her hubby, we had a super dinner outside and then watched Ferris Bueller’s day off — always good for a laugh. God bless the 80’s!

Sunday was a lazy day spent walking Java at the Rum and just enjoying lounging around outdoors.

I had planned on taking Luke to the park for a ride but I was a bit out of sorts with a possible house buyer deal looming and hadn’t slept much Saturday night. The question of where am I going to live and what will I do with the horses and the fear that accompanies that question set in, and I realized just how out of sorts I was when on my drive to church, I suddenly looked around and didn’t recognize my surroundings at all! I thought, “Where the hell am I?” even though I was on my usual route.

This made me think my brain was not operating at full throttle and it was probably wise to stay off a horse and stick to walking, which was just fine with Java.

A person (or a dog) couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

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  1. Somehow it will all work out. I wish you could rent a little farmette until you find the house of your dreams. It must be hard to think about moving and the horses. Maybe your X will pay for the care of his horse.

    Kayaking looks fun.

  2. I’m so happy you had a full and enjoyable weekend. I don’t kayak but I do enjoy canoeing the rivers ’round here.

    The house thing…it will all work out in His perfect timing.

    God bless ya’ll!!

  3. yup after a long winter… the signs of warmth and outside stuff is such an amen..
    good on ya for what all you did.

    happy trails

  4. Lori – He is paying for one horse, until I’m able to sell him. Funny thing is, I can’t find ANY places to board. I guess that’s not funny. Can’t even get a hold of anyone at most places. Guessing they are full? My farrier will help me out for awhile if I can’t find anything.

    Far Side – It’s a horrible housing market. Pretty depressing.

    Nezzy – I keep hoping for that perfect timing because so far, I’m not having much luck with finding a place to live or board.

    Manker – Yes, the weather has been wonderful and I need plenty of sunshine right now.

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