Silly Nonsensical

Have you seen the towering trees 
Tower walking their dogs?
Close encounters of tree kind…
Did I mention I saw a cloud formation today?
A pipe, like my Dad used to smoke
And alongside it
A match with a sunset orange flame
I didn’t have my camera
You’ll just have to take my word
I can’t make this stuff up
I follow trails
Where many men have gone before
Could this be the stairway to heaven?
I think not
Because as I walk
Fish tang punches my nose
I expect to see bodies
Cover the pebbled sand
But no
Just sludge
But still
There is more to see
Where civilization and wild collide
You have to look harder
Than way beyond far
In places 
Peopled apparent
But there they are
What I’m looking for
I should leave it at that
With a deep breath and pause…
But the moon
Is flaring wildly
Me! Me!
Look at me!
So what can I do?
But stop and stare
 Bigger and brighter
Shimmering and shaking
I wonder 
Could there possibly be more?
I’m sure
But it will have to wait
Till tomorrow

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  1. Spectacular sweetie!!! I can feel your joy though your wonderful words here.

    Hubs and I went to the big city Saturday and after we’d had our fill at Cheddar’s I looked up as we walked across the parkin’ lot. Four jets had left their mark across the big old moon and night sky. It was magnificent! Me??? No camera. Booger!!!

    God bless ya and have a stupendous day sweetie!!! :o)

  2. Nonsensical in places but I get your drift… Do turkey’s mark hydrants? How do those birds walk on water? And the moon, ah, the mystical moon. The world is so interesting and beautiful when we stop to look.

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