Short and Sour and Sweet

This needs to be brief. Yeah, good luck with that. I’ve almost got through cleaning my house but still have my bedroom and bathroom to go and it’s getting late.

But first I have to share a miracle.

Granted, Shy and Latte have left a good deal of space between themselves, but still, truly a switch from a generally pouncing puppy and hissing kitty. Oh, and that green thing is a chewed up leaf. Hey, miracles do  not necessarily mean perfection.

So here’s the poem of the day. I actually wrote this last week when I wasn’t having such a great day.

Black and White
Things I hate about life:
Rude, thoughtless people
Health care
Holding you by your privates
Unrelenting busyness

Fast food
Back stabbing
Turf wars
Booming vibrating bass 
From a neighboring car
Greed and selfishness

Things I love about life:
It’s complexity
It’s lines and flow
It’s fragile dependency

Eyes that meet
Shared humanity

Cake and ice cream
Cornflake scented paws
Puppy kisses
Softness of a horse muzzle
Changing seasons and cycles
Cotton ball clouds
Black and white
Mix into
Shades of gray

Captured and held

Become stars
A dark sky

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  1. Thanks for identifying the leaf, I was sure it was something else. 😉 I really like that poem, super relatable, and I really like the pics in between all the words. It was fun to get to the *shared humanity* and be thinking about being friends and– oh hey!– that’s me!

  2. My pup’s paws smell like corn chips. Makes me hungry in a weird sort of way. lol!

    That cloud photo and the second to the last photo really speak to me. Nicely done.

    The gal on the bike (is that you?) is wonderful because not only is she smiling with joy, but she obviously is a playful and fun loving type because she has colorful streamers flowing off her handlebars. Love it!


  3. Sue – That is one of my favorite photos that I’ve ever taken!

    Lisa -That photo is of Pseudosu (or Sue) up above in her Hit-Girl costume (from movie “Kick Ass”. I wish I could ride a bike like that! Unfortunately, what you’d probably see on my face is terror.

    Thanks for all the nice comments on the poem and photos!

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