A Walk in THE Park

Day 3 in New York

My third day in New York was supposed to be sunny. Yes, that was a big deal considering it was cloudy and rainy most of the time I was there. So Lain and I made plans to visit Central Park.

The photos I took in Central Park are similar to what I take at home. My eye is drawn to nature, especially new life.

And horses

And dogs

Bike riders too. This one was shooting video.
This one, was deeply contemplating an earth shattering decision.

She wasn’t the only one deep in thought.

The pond is the home of several geese and turtles.

 Everyone seemed to enjoy hanging out at Central Park.

Of course there were many photographers, some even with models.

Oh wait. I had one of those too.

I enjoyed taking shots of the interesting buildings surrounding the park, with their curly cues and lip smacking colors.

These shots were taken as I walked back to my hotel, exhausted from all the walking we did during the day. They are of the same building, just a bit of Photoshop effect and angle play difference.

Once again, there’s those amazing color combinations.

Only one more day’s worth of photos from New York and those are definitely not of your typical tourist site. 

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  1. WoW…you are GOOD. I came over from Nezzy’s blog, mostly because of the title of your post and I’m blown away. Love your photographs and plan on coming by more often. Thanks.

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