A Crazed Girl

That crazed girl improvising her music.
Her poetry, dancing upon the shore,
Her soul in division from itself
Climbing, falling She knew not where
— “A Crazed Girl”, William Butler Yeats

Soul in division from itself… I can relate. To return to sanity and wholeness I’m digging in dirt, listening to birdsong, and walking. 
Ahhhh, ye wet, budding smells of Spring…

Although it’s glorious to be outside after a long winter, every step I take now-a-days, I’m aware of my knees. No longer do they only complain on hilly terrain or miles of rocky trail. No, my knees have become obnoxious in their desire to be known. And yet, I tell them to go to hell. You can’t stop me! Not yet, anyway.

I had my first volunteer opportunity last weekend — cleaning out a public garden, replanting, composting and mulching — in a downpour. I started out cranky but the camaraderie was fun.

I’ve been filling my pots with flowers around the house in between more rain storms. I’m into purples and pinks this year.

My hydroponic salad table has been seeded. The fledgling greens are up, have been thinned, and should be put into the table with the nutrients any day now, as soon as the weather warms back up a bit and the heavy rains take a break.

This morning, I’m working at the Master Gardener plant sale, starting at 7 AM! They’ve assigned me to be a “counter.” They must not know about my math issues… I helped with setting up for the sale today and enjoyed the in-between time, which was spent discussing flowers that attract pollinators, garden failures last year, and renewed harvest hopes for this year. I think I learn more in these casual conversations with gardeners than I did from the formal classes. Or maybe it’s the personal touch and sharing that I enjoy.

The garden like a green 
and bronze goddess loves 
zucchini this year but will
not give us cucumbers.
She does as she pleases.
— “The Gardener’s Litany”,  Marge Piercy

The rest of the week I have off to hopefully do a bit of recuperating. And yes knees, there will be walking and bike riding involved. I’ll do what it takes to see this smile.

And for a bit of added sound effect from one of the walks with the Brew Babes…

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