Have you ever looked through your camera lens and seen something you’ve never noticed before?

Have you ever looked back at your life and seen a you that you didn’t expect, a new angle come to light?

I see the humor in a tongue flick and smile. A dog’s version of bunny ears perhaps?

I see the mystery in clouds floating on water and feel dreams rising to the surface.

I see the stark bravado of a tree standing alone in a field of grass and stand a little bit straighter myself.

I see these things and am very glad that I stopped to notice.

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  1. Stunning photography Maery! And yes, there are so many times when I’ll see something in a different light. It’s the stopping and changing the direction of my head..or internally when I think about what has been said and put it in a different context. AND…when I first viewed your link to this post on facebook…the first photograph looks like the shadow of a bear…coming here and actually looking at the photographs made me smile…

  2. I’m visiting new blogs today for the first time, so i also thought id wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers. And i hope that the day is spent generating positive memories for years to come. Richard from Amish Stories.

  3. I’m so glad you stopped to enjoy also ’cause you can share the beauty that surround ya with us.

    I just sat in awe of your mystery clouds sweetie. What a breathtakin’ photo.

    God bless and have a marvelous day.

    BTW: Giveaway…my place! :o)

  4. There is a quality of people who stop and see, inhale, and become one with a place.

    I love that you are one of those people.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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