Drum Roll Please

Building Suspense
Rolled snail-lishly
Or perhaps protectively
Taking the fetal position
Waiting for just
The right moment
To pop
p.s. For those who have asked about Luke, I rode him today and he was awesome! Lazy yes. But awesome. Not a cough or even a snort. And one of the boarders told me Luke raced with two other horses from out in the pasture to the barn the other day, and Luke won. He is so busted on milking this Heaves thing. Which made me very happy! He is such a wonderful horse.

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  1. Magnificent curly fern pic!!! Wow girl, you surly do rock behind the lens!

    Woohoo!!! Great news on Luke!!! He certainly does look very bright eyed and bushy tailed. I’m so happy for ya both.

    God bless and have yourself one exceptional week sweetie!!! :o)

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