Spinning Wheels

Cooker Fat Tire Bike

I’m sure this feeling of being stuck
and making little progress on my creative endeavors
while everyone else is growing and spreading their wings
in awesome splendor and while they flap, flap
covering me in dust and totally messing up my hair
as they motor on by
I’m sure this is just my mind
exaggerating what I perceive
and being mean to me again
and even if I feel really old and has-beenish
(wait, I have to have been to be a has been…)
and think I should have done SOMETHING
worthwhile by now
and not just be struggling along
we all have to grow at our own rate

A study in bicycles…

Road bike Cooker Fat Tire Bike Cooker Fat Tire Bike

And menacing trees…

Tree in Sherburne Wildlife Refuge Tree in Sherburne Wildlife RefugeA pond added to the yard this year…

dog swimming
Java likes the pond very much

dog swimming

Isn’t that the bees knees?


Latte on the hunt…

dogs playing

And so are we…

exploring river with dogs

dog with muddy feet

A new backyard patio and garden move


moving raised beds moving raised beds

 Oh let the muse run free!



Life is a warehouse sale for the initiated,
i.e., those who know where to go and find it,
then make it back to the abandoned comb
we’ve thought about so intensely across the spruced-up years.
~ John Ashbery, “Counterpane”

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