Staying Home, Reimagining Happily Ever After

staying home

Staying home is starting to get to me. Up to now, things haven’t felt very different from how I normally conduct my life. When I look out my window or go for my walks, nothings strikes me as particularly unusual. The main difference in my life is the difficulty of getting groceries, and even that has swung into a routine.

Still, I know things aren’t right when I glance at the news, read the emails coming my way about cancellations and changes in business practices, or talk to my son in New York.

The disparity between my staying home world and the bigger world from which I distance myself have morphed into a Twilight Zoneish movie set, which may be my mind’s attempt at protecting itself.

So what do you say during a pandemic that hasn’t already been said? Whatever I write seems to turn into a rant or a sermon. 

So I took a break from blogging to edit a reimagined fairy tale I wrote last year. It was created it in a hurry, but it’s still better than what I was writing for a blog post.  

It’s a story about Cinderella that goes beyond “happily ever after,” and somehow, oddly, seems fitting for these times. 

I put it into a video. That way, you can listen to it as you bake your bread or do whatever staying home thing you are doing to take care of yourself. It appears that I’m coping by trying to figure out how to write stories, and record and edit videos.

Be kind to yourselves and take care. 

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  1. Maery! I grew up with a steady diet of Disney-spun fairytales. But I always wanted to know what happened after the sunset glinting off the knights’ armor as they rode off with their damsels. I very much like how you’ve considered Cinderella’s heart and what she truly values into her new life. Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Krystal! Considering how complicated life and relationships are, yes, I long to have more included in those stories.

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