Smiling on Vision and Verb

I have a post on Vision and Verb about my greatest beauty asset. Please check it out.

It-s been a super-duper rough week at work — a teary, hit my head on my desk week. A “I’ll be working part of the weekend to try and right things” week.

Lots of drama. I guess I let it get to me too much.

So yes, smiles. I’ve even tried smiling big huge grins when I’m the most hurt and frustrated. It does help… a little.

My mantra this week has been “It will be okay.”

Oh heavenly day… (I love that Patty Griffin wrote this for her dog.)

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  1. I’ve had many of those very rough times at work… I can totally relate. Hang in there, Maery. It’s just a minor setback as you find your way.

    Great song too – had never heard it before.

  2. There are times in life when “those weeks” seem to overshadow everything else and we let it affect us. How can we not? But your post about smiling and what you said at V&V rings so true…remember that as you work through the harder times. Lifting your heart with a smile and “not letting the turkeys get you down” makes even the worst of times seem fleeting. xo

  3. Sometimes those weeks happen. Good that you can smile about it. Sometimes the simple act of smiling makes you feel better? Hope this week up and coming is an improvement!!!

  4. Dang it to thunder if those weeks that feel like years don’t smack us around every now and again. Here’s hopin’ that this week brings joy and much laughter sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a terrific day!!! :o)

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