Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Last week, the weather in my neck of the woods was sunny and warm. Utterly gorgeous.

My photos were a battle with the sun washout but I’m not about to complain about the brightness as we all know what’s coming our way…

Monday, a gorgeous day, I played hooky with a couple friends and road the Greenway, and around the lakes and Minnehaha Falls. It was an invigorating, joyful, zoom zoom time — in other words, not too many photos as I was going with the flow. 

But tonight, we’re supposed to get our first frost so the plants are suited up to battle against an untimely death. They (and I) are not ready to call it quits yet.

Some are even hiding out in the garage. Ssshhh…

Wait! I think I hear them breaking out in a song of solidarity!

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  1. I am so NOT ready for a frost! Our leaves are changing at record speed and I love the color, but that also means cold weather is on the way. I always hate that first killing frost though.

  2. I can relate… we had our first frost but my veggie garden survived! If I can keep it alive for a while longer, I’ll be very happy!

    I love to hear about you zoom-zooming on your bike!

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