Put in Garden… check!

It was a work-on-the-garden weekend. The raised beds were waiting.

The seedlings were outgrowing their pots.
Annuals and herbs were purchased.
So let the fun begin!

I have fragrantly, soothing dreams of making chamomile or peppermint tea. I will drink it out on the deck from a dainty china cup while reading poetry. And perhaps I will wear a floppy, straw hat…

And while I work on prettying up the back yard…
Latte has her own idea of how a yard should look.
It’s all in a dog’s day.

A few more flowers around the deck.

A ball break with Java

And then it’s on to filling pots at the front of the house.
There are four round tubs that I placed along the retaining wall. I wish I’d had more flowers, something viny to drape, and something to add height. Maybe I’ll add to them later.

Yeah, those bags by the retaining wall are leaves from last Fall that finally made it to the county compost site this weekend. Lesson learned — take leaf bags to compost site right away, before they get water in them and turn into heavy, smelly, breaking bags.

I filled four square tubs on the front steps with more herbs. I’m hoping they get enough sun there.

I think summer is finally here!

And if you are craving more beauty, please listen to Mary Oliver read “Mornings at Blackwater”.

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  1. It all looks awesome Maery! I get such joy from walking around my yard looking at all the perennial gardens and the different stages of the plants. Each day there is something new to discover and admire. It feels so good to dig and then grow:-) We’ll have to have little gatherings at our houses to enjoy each others creations. Hannah is too old to make yard messes anymore:-(

  2. Kathleen- There would be a great deal more walking in your woods than mine but I am enjoying all the things coming up. Some plants were past flowering by the time I moved in last year so I’m seeing new things all the time. Now if I could just get a pond feature in…

  3. Oh my goodness, Maery! You’ve been working so hard around there and it shows. Everything is so beautiful….and green!
    I wish I could plant some flowers, but as it is I’m risking it all just planning a veggie garden. We’ve not had any rain for 10 months now and with the zero humidity, anything in flowerpots can’t survive without frequent watering all day long. I just can’t devote that amount of time or money to maintain them.
    The raised bed veggie garden will have an irrigation system and I’ll just have to remember to turn it on at least 3-4 times a day so the garden doesn’t dry out.
    I’m really praying for rain this monsoon season in late July-August so we can at least have some green grass growth this summer.
    All we have now is brown, crispy, dried grass left over from last summer. It’s basically tinder for wildfires.
    Your yard and gardens are a refreshing sight for sore, parched eyes….


  4. This is delightful, Maery, though I’m sorry I took a week to find you here after your lovely comment on V&V. You clearly have a grren thumb and a delightful place to put it to good use. Do keep us updated on you ‘growing things’ as the summer progresses. 🙂

  5. Lisa – The temps hit about 103 today so my plants were looking pretty feeble, even though I watered them in the morning. I hope you get some rain this summer. Droughts take something out of you.

    Ginnie – Good to see you again!

    Lori – Mary Oliver has so many great poems. I love her poetry style!

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