Vision and Verb

Reflecting (once again) on where I’m going as I run and buck through life. I’ve even come up with a manifesto — “Feed the passion. Do the work. Celebrate the journey.”

You can read more about it and see a photo of my Dad’s horse out in the desert at Vision and Verb“Running and Bucking”

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  1. Love it! And the photo too. Went to Vision and Verb…you got some great comments and more quotes over there.
    Nice of you to surface for a minute. Hope all is well.

  2. I love your new “manifesto” and the photo…beautiful, makes me want to jump in! Take care hun…haven’t seen you in the flesh for a while…maybe in the fall! : )

  3. Hi Maery Rose, for some weird reason I couldn’t leave a comment on the V&V site, so I came here. First, I really like the photo you posted there – and I like this one here as well, it’s beautiful – and second, especially the last paragraph realle skope to me. It seems many of us are reflecting about where we want to go in life, what is good for us and what should we just let go. Big and difficult decisions.

  4. Fabulous shot! And with a great motto like that, it doesn’t matter where you are going, the getting there will be the adventure.

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