Life with Dogs Goes On

Wrestle Mania continues at the Rose household. Ya kind of gotta wonder about the new addition. Is she cute?

 Or is she scary?

Or is she just plain weird?

Maybe all of the above.

Java, Latte, and I have been taking our recent walks in the woods behind the nearby library. I had the idea that these woods were pretty small and lame, but they became pretty interesting when I got lost in them.

There are some worn paths but then there are footpaths that break off in all sorts of directions where people (and deer) just decide to break their own trail.

I think the paths are more peaceful and pretty during the winter because there are less people out walking and biking. There were so many bird noises and rushing water sounds. It resembled a movie soundtrack of a jungle.

I also think that oak trees have more character without leaves than they do when they are greenly-leafed out.

Is it the white oaks that keep their leaves all winter? I like looking at them too. The rusty colors stand out so much against the snow.
About seven deer watched us walk by. They were far off in an adjoining field but still wary.

I didn’t realize until yesterday (when I was lost) that the woods went far enough east to meet up with the Rum River.

I’m trying to fit long walks in after work everyday to burn off dog energy. Plus I want to expose Latte to lots of different environments too. But I need to get my butt in gear doing some serious clicker training because right now,  both dogs are pulling way too much during the walks and are not passing other dogs very well. Java still wants to jump and play and Latte want to run away from the dog. Imagine Maery being pulled in two directions and trying to keep her footing on the icy path. Not pretty.
The latest excitement in my life came yesterday when my neighbor came over and warned me her car had been stolen out of her garage Sunday evening while her family was in the house watching a movie. Their garage door had been open and the keys were in the car so she said I might want to keep my garage door closed (it was open when she came over). 
There had been a rash of similar thefts over the weekend. In fact, they found a stash of stolen property hidden in the cemetery at the end of our street. It doesn’t help that the house next door to me has been abandoned and is standing empty with posters all over the doors proclaiming it’s emptiness.
I think I might be in the hood. Who would have thought? But at least the neighbors watch out for each other. And I have dogs — ferocious dogs.

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  1. lol! Latte is adorably funny and entertaining. I bet she is wonderful to have around for Java, too.
    Your pictures made me smile.

    If there is one thing I do enjoy about snow and winter it is the way it makes the views and scenery look completely different. It’s no wonder we all don’t get lost on snowy trails, even ones we are familiar with.

    That’s very disturbing about the auto theft. Of course, to leave keys in an unlocked car….even in an open garage is probably not the safest thing to do either.

    Having vacant houses next door is also rather creepy. When we lived in South Carolina, our across-the-street neighbors’ house caught on fire and they had t move out for several months until it was torn down and rebuilt. Now that was very spooky looking out our windows and seeing the blackened, shell of the house and it’s empty dark windows staring back at us.


  2. The pups look like they really get along. What a beautiful place you have for a a walk…nice photos! Bad news about the car theft. Did the police ever find it? I hope they are cruising your neighborhood.

  3. I think they like each other! If only mine would play so nice!
    You have great places to walk your dogs. We do too, but mostly pavement until we get down to the river, then there is quite a bit for walking, or running!

  4. No worries, that spunky little Latte can chew an intruders leg off with those sharp teeth of his or at least scare them outta their wits!!!

    I hate to hear that your havin’ a crime problem right where ya live but I had to giggle when ya called it ‘The Hood!’ :o)

    I adore the pictures you shared…sometimes it’s good to get lost!

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day!!! :o)

  5. your dogs are gorgeous. good luck with the clicker training–i never was patient enough to get it to take completely, although even eight years later riley still gets very alert if i happen to find the clicker and press it.

    and you should keep your garage door closed and your doors locked no matter WHERE you live. crazies are extremely mobile these days, you know.

  6. Scary about the car being stolen. You just never know…My husband’s car was stolen a couple of years ago here. It was in a locked garage. They broke into the house and then took the car. We live out in the middle of nowhere. So glad your neighbor warned you about it. Good to stick together with your neighbors. I now have no problem calling the police when I see strangers lurking around. Better safe than sorry. Love the twin trees!

  7. Paint Girl – The streets are so dirty right now that I’m driving to trails to walk on to avoid having Java haul home street grunge. Trail grunge I can deal with.

    Laurie – I’m not good with the patience piece either and being consistent. As for closing and locking doors, I used to leave the garage door open when I got home fro work because I knew I was just changing clothes and then walking the dogs, but I’m not even leaving it open for short periods now.

  8. Love those puppies! Such a silly photo of Latte’s tongue sticking out:-) They do look pretty cozy together. I think it is red oaks that keep their leaves longer, but I am not completely sure. I should know since we have 78 oak trees on our property, but I forgot which is which. I hope this comes through as me and not michael whomever! I’m glad to hear you are being extra cautious. You never know. Kathleen

  9. What fun puppies are..they will brighten up anyones day! Latte da is so cute!
    It is the White Oaks and Northern Pin Oaks that keep their leaves all is called marcescence..they keep them until they are forced off by new buds forming. It may also help deer from browsing them because they wouldn’t like the crunchy died leaves..sorry for the Forestry Lecture:)

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