Almost Wordless Thursday and Colorado Flowers

This will be a mostly wordless post as getting back to reality after a vacation is really kicking my butt!

Is there such a thing as Wordless Thursday? How about Thoughtful Thursday? Or Therapy Thursday? Oh wait, therapy would involve lots of talking, at least on my part while you would go “And how did that make you feel?” or “What I hear you saying is that you want to quit your job and raise chickens. Is that right?” or you could simply nod your head sympathetically and hand me a box of tissues.

But this is about flowers — Colorado flowers that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in Minnesota. Latte got a bit bored with the whole flower photo session and let me know how she felt.

What does she know anyway… So here they are! Ta Da!

(Columbine, the only one I know the name of. A flower so perfect we weren’t even sure it was real when we saw it next to a stream.)

(These flowers were just barely noticed under a shelf of melting snow.)

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  1. Whew– I was just about to whine on fb about how no one was entertaining me tonight and there you were! As always, great pics! And pretty funny opener. 😉

  2. the flowers under the shelf of snow ~ wow, wonderful shot. i love the composition and the contrast 🙂

    how about thoughtless thursday ~ boy i wish that was possible some weeks!

  3. I’ll spare you the names of the flowers… but those are beautiful photos!!!!

    I agree about Columbines. It’s so hard to believe that they’re real.

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