Stormy Weather

I had text prepared for my blog post today. All I needed to do was add some photos. But then I ended up with photos from last evening’s stormy skies and tonight’s sky that I wanted to use but they didn’t go with what I’d written so I’m just going with the photos instead. The other post can wait for another day.

Okay, so the sirens were sounding, but who could resist capturing these cotton ball clouds? Plus, having been through a few tornados, I didn’t think we were actually getting one or that a severe storm was even bringing impending doom. These clouds were way too poofy for that.

Here’s where understanding my camera settings would come in handy because the colors got distorted just letting the camera think for itself. The sky was a bluish orange. I tried getting the color to what I remember but it was really somewhere between these two photos and a tad darker.

The sky also kept changing in color and cloud formation. The more firey tone came as things progressed.
And here are couple more sky color changes. I like this one below. It almost looks like a sepia effect.

The next few cloud photos are from this evening’s walk with the Brew Babes. They are getting better about staying still while I take my photos. Maybe because they get a treat if they do.

I like seeing what the effect is on the feeling of the photo if I change the angle a bit or go from far out to zooming in. Obviously, another cloudy evening, although it was much sunnier when we started out.
Once again, if I knew more about my camera adjustments, I bet I could better capture the drama of the clouds that I see in the “real world”. 
I was trying to stick to clouds but I can’t resist ending with one of today’s photos that I really like for the luscious peacefulness of it. Kind of makes my mouth water…

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  1. Maery Rose…you did a great job with these shots. The first and last are my favorites. What kind of camera do you have, I forgot. Wow!

  2. Girl, those sky shots were just breathtaking! It’s when the sky turns ‘green’ ya better be seekin’ some shelter.

    We live in a spot known a ‘tornado alley’ round here. Experienced more than I’d like to even think of.

    I not only covet your camera…I want lessons…please! :o)

    Have a blessed day sweetie!

  3. Beautiful photos Maery! I was trying to get some transcribing done when the sirens went off and I thought…um, don’t wanna get struck my light’n : )

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